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paperid cited banks_node_id
conf/er/MarkR83 conf/ds/Abrial74 816611
conf/er/MarkR83 conf/ds/HallOT76 816612
conf/er/MarkR83 conf/er/Mark83 816613
conf/er/MarkR83 conf/vldb/Senko78 816614
conf/er/MarkR83 journals/ibmrd/ChamberlinAEGLMRW76 816615
conf/er/MarkR83 journals/ibmsj/Zloof77 816616
conf/er/MarkR83 journals/tods/StonebrakerWKH76 816617


name paperid banks_node_id
Leo Mark conf/er/MarkR83 6903545
Nick Roussopoulos conf/er/MarkR83 6903546

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