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name paperid banks_node_id
Alan Wills conf/uml/Wills01 837164
Alan Wills conf/apsec/FilipeLOTYW00 837157
Alan Wills conf/ecoop/Wills91 837158
Alan Wills conf/icfem/LauLOW98 837159
Alan Wills conf/icfem/LauOW97 837160
Alan Wills conf/ocl/CookKMRWW02 837161
Alan Wills conf/oois/Wills96 837162
Alan Wills conf/uml/CookKMWW99 837163
Alan Wills conf/zum/Wills92 837165
Alan Wills journals/joop/DSouzaW97 837166
Alan Wills journals/oopsm/HoggLWCH92 837167

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