Laptops for the Workshop  

Unlike last year, we will not have a physically separate lab for the experiments. Instead, we will use laptops to carry out programming exercises. The lab work has to be done in teams of two thus we need one laptop between two people. A limited number of laptops will be made available to the participants who do not have a laptop.

If you have a laptop, please bring it to the workshop. It is advisable that your laptop runs a contemporary distribution of Linux. We strongly suggest using Ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10. In case you are unable to load Linux on your laptop, we will provide login on our servers and your laptop can be used as a terminal.

The set up required on your laptop is:

  • For Linux distribution
  • All Prerequisites are mentioned in the page Many of these may be preinstalled in your distribution.

    The important ones are mentioned below:

    1. GNU m4 version 1.4.6 (or later)
    2. autoconf version 2.64
    3. autoheader
    4. autogen
    5. ISO C90 compiler
    6. GNU binutils (Get it from
    7. GNU make version 3.81 or later
    8. GNU Multiple Precision Library (GMP) version 4.3.2 (or later)
    9. MPFR Library version 2.4.2 (or later) []
    10. MPC Library version 0.8.1 (or later) []
    11. Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL) version 0.10 []
    12. CLooG-PPL version 0.15 []

    SEQUENCE of Installation of the important dependencies:

    1. m4
    2. gmp
    3. mpfr
    4. mpc
    5. ppl
    6. cloog-ppl

    Also please download GCC source from

    Other Useful Tools:


  • For non-Linux distribution
  • Follow these steps:

    1. Install Putty (Download from Internet)
    2. Download and Install XMing and Xming-Fonts (Check the Releases section of the page:
    3. In Putty, under Connection > SSh > X11 - Check "Enable X-11 forwarding"
    4. Now you are ready to ssh to your server and run X programs from Windows. The two steps are:
      1. First launch X-Ming
      2. Secondly, start putty and do ssh to server
    5. Learn how to use the screen emulator on a Linux machine. This will help you to circumvent network related problems when you connect to the server from your laptop.