Essential Abstractions in GCC '11
Workshop Snapshots

Participants during a lecture

Discussion in the foyer

Teaching assistant Vineet with Prof. Uday Khedker

Participants during a lab session

Teaching assistants Gokul and Sreenivas at work

Great minds at work

Teaching assistant Gokul at work

Teaching assistant Rahul and Harbaksh at work

Teaching assistant Netra at work

Teaching assistant Swati at work

Teaching assistant Prachee at work

Teaching assistants in the foyer

Teaching assistants in the auditorium

Teaching assistant Prashant at work

Feasting :-)

Discussion at lunch

Teaching assistants with Prof. Uday Khedker

Participants at dinner

Teaching assistant Ankita at work

Teaching assistants with Prof. Uday Khedker

Prof. Biswas and Prof. Khedker while distributing certificates

Participants while encouraging teaching assistants

Our best teaching assistant Prashant with Prof. Khedker

Teaching assistant Gokul sharing his workshop experience

Samsung team sharing their workshop experience

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistants with Prof. Khedker

Teaching assistants with Mr. Sathe and Prof. Khedker