A guide for building, and testing L-FCPA1

This latest L-FCPA patch is released for gcc-4.7.2.

NOTE: To build gcc-4.7.2 refer to the following instructions

Step I : Downloading the gcc source code tarball

Step II : Building GCC 4.7.2

Now use the pristine gcc-4.7.2 build for the l-fcpa plugin by following the steps below:

Step I : Building the plugin

NOTE: When we have multiple files, LTO dumps GIMPLE IR in .o files created with -c option (which disable linking and creation of the final executable). When this is being done, we do not have the complete program. Hence we do not give the option of executing our plugin for this part of compilation. Eventually, when the .o files are linked, the entire program becomes available. Thus the plugin is invoked at this stage (and we do not give -c option).

Step II : Testing L-FCPA

1. Also referred to as lipta in the previous version of paper