Steps for installing Postgresql in Eclipse

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You can set up PostgreSQL either by downloading a copy of the sources and using CVS for version control, or by using the PostgreSQL repository directly from Eclipse (after installing eGit). Instructions for both options are below, you can use either one

Setting up PostgreSQL with Eclipse Using GIT

  1. Eclipse should have git built in. If your version does not, first install git support by using Help > Install New Software).
  2. Open File => Import, select Git => Projects from Git and click Next. Select "URI" and click Next.a Now you will have to enter the repository's location as
  3. Deselect all branches, then select 14 (or 14.5) Stable and proceed to clone Postgresql.
  4. After this software is downloaded, which may take a while. Finally you will come to a software import wizard. Choose New Project Wizard and click on next.
  5. Select the C/C++, Makefile Project with Existing Code and click next; you will then have to enter the code location which will be of the form "homedir/git/postgresql" (replace "homedir" with your home directory path, e.g. /home/sudarsha).
  6. Click on Finish
  7. Your project should now be ready (under the name "postgresql")
  8. Don't try building your project using eclipse yet. Follow steps below first to configure eclipse, before doing a make.

Configuring PostgreSQL

Run Configurations in Eclipse: