Publications (not complete, look at individual faculty home pages for a complete list)

    2014 (5)

  1. Varun Simhadri, Karthik Ramachandra, Arun Chaitanya, Ravindra Guravannavar, S. Sudarshan
    Decorrelation of user defined function invocations in queries,
  2. Anil Shanbhag, S. Sudarshan
    Optimizing Join Enumeration in Transformation-based Query Optimizers,
    PVLDB 2014
  3. Karthik Ramachandra
    Holistic Optimization of Database Applications,
    Ph.D. Thesis 2014
  4. Karthik Ramachandra, Mahendra Chavan, Ravindra Guravannavar, S. Sudarshan
    Program Transformations for Asynchronous and Batched Query Submission,
    IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE) 2014
  5. Karthik Ramachandra, Ravindra Guravannavar
    Database-Aware Program Optimization via Static Analysis,
    IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 2014

  6. 2013 (3)

  7. Soumen Chakrabarti, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Krithi Ramamritham, Sunita Sarawagi, S. Sudarshan
    Data-based Research at IIT Bombay,
    SIGMOD Rec. 2013
  8. Bikash Chandra, Bhupesh Chawda, Shetal Shah, S. Sudarshan, Ankit Shah
    Extending XData to Kill SQL Query Mutants in the Wild,
    Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Testing Database Systems 2013
  9. Aditya Ramesh, S. Sudarshan, Purva Joshi, ManishaNaik Gaonkar
    Keyword search on form results,
    The VLDB Journal 2013

  10. 2012 (2)

  11. Karthik Ramachandra, S. Sudarshan
    Holistic optimization by prefetching query results,
    ACM SIGMOD 2012
  12. Karthik Ramachandra, Ravindra Guravannavar, S. Sudarshan
    Program analysis and transformation for holistic optimization of database applications,

  13. 2011 (3)

  14. Mahendra Chavan, Ravindra Guravannavar, Karthik Ramachandra, S. Sudarshan
    Program transformations for asynchronous query submission,
    ICDE 2011
  15. Mahendra Chavan, Ravindra Guravannavar, Karthik Ramachandra, S. Sudarshan
    DBridge: A program rewrite tool for set-oriented query execution,
    ICDE 2011
  16. Aditya Ramesh, S. Sudarshan, Purva Joshi
    Keyword Search on Form Results,
    PVLDB 2011

  17. 2009 (1)

  18. Ravindra Guravannavar
    Optimization and Evaluation of Nested Queries and Procedures,
    Ph.D. Thesis 2009

  19. 2008 (1)

  20. Ravindra Guravannavar, S Sudarshan
    Rewriting Procedures for Batched Bindings,
    VLDB 2008

  21. 2007 (1)

  22. Ravindra Guravannavar, S Sudarshan
    Reducing Order Enforcement Cost in Complex Query Plans,
    ICDE 2007

  23. 2006 (1)

  24. Ravindra Guravannavar, S. Sudarshan, Ajit A. Diwan, Ch Sobhan Babu
    Technical Report: Reducing Order Enforcement Cost in Complex Query Plans, arXiv:cs.DB/0611094,

  25. 2005 (1)

  26. Ravindra Guravannavar, H. S. Ramanujam, S. Sudarshan
    Optimizing Nested Queries with Parameter Sort Orders,
    VLDB 2005

  27. 2003 (1)

  28. Arvind Hulgeri, S. Sudarshan
    AniPQO: Almost Non-Intrusive Parametric Query Optimization for Non-Linear Cost Functions,
    VLDB 2003

  29. 2001 (1)

  30. Prasan Roy
    Multi-Query Optimization and Applications,
    Ph.D. Thesis 2001

  31. 2000 (1)

  32. Prasan Roy, S. Seshadri, S. Sudarshan, Siddhesh Bhobe
    Efficient and Extensible Algorithms for Multi Query Optimization,
    ACM SIGMOD 2000

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