Reference Material

Spring 2018

Lecture notes

Lecture Notes Will be updated after every lecture.  The notes may have typos - please read carefully and alert me if you find an error. 



M/M/1 reference code in C

To compile above code: g++ mm1demo.c lcgrand.c -lm

Input file is given. Run as

./mm1demo <

Summary output for each run is produced in mm1.out. Raw delays are in delayfile


Welch's Procedure (required in Simulation Programming)


Reference Texts:

In addition these on-line resources are useful

From previous years, will be moved up to the current references as and when required

Response time distribution

Excel sheet on ALOHA

Closed Queueing Network

Slides explaining MVA and spreadsheet example




Networking Primers (Slides)

Some reference papers

Server farms with setup costs

    TCP Throughput Analysis( paper by Mathis )

    Burke's Original Paper

    Some Talks on Application Of Models given in previous years