Danell Leyva falls off high bar and spoils US gymnastics comeback

US gymnast Danell Leyva had a brutal fall during his high-bar routine in the men's gymnastics final.

With the US mounting a comeback, though still unlikely to medal, Leyva was in the midst of a strong routine when, on a release, he lost his grip and fell to the ground.

It essentially ended the US men's bid, no matter how far-fetched, at a medal.

Here's Leyva, falling after he couldn't fully grip the bar:


It was a brutal moment for him. After falling, he stayed on the ground for several moments:


He walked off the mat, gutted:


The moment made it all the more difficult for Leyva. After a slow start, the US had posted eight straight scores of 15 or better, according to USA Today's Nick McCarvel. Though a medal was a long shot, the US certainly wouldn't have objected to a better overall finish, and had Leyva finished his routine strong, then the US might have had a shot with a little help from another team.

McCarvel reported that Leyva was emotional afterward:

Leyva walks to corner of gym bar ( investigate this site - http://khanhtrinhvn.com/all-products/over-the-door-pull-up-bar-gymnastic... ) and Yin Alvarez, his coach & stepdad, is there. They hug 2Xs, Danell resting his head on Y's shoulder #Rio2016

- Nick McCarvel (@NickMcCarvel) August 8, 2016