PerfCenter Tutorials

This set of articles contain introductory tutorials to PerfCenter. These tutorials are aimed at introducing various abilities of PerfCenter to the user.

Example Index Features Explained
Example 1: Modeling a Simple Two-Tier Web Application
  • Variables
  • Non-power-managed devices
  • Host and its configuration
  • Task and its specification
  • Software servers and their specification
  • LANs and machine deployment on LAN
  • WAN links and their specification
  • Scenario and its details
  • Branch probability's usage
  • Load parameter details
  • Model parameter details
  • Basic scripting in PerfCenter
  • Performance metrics and the way to use them
  • One comprehensive example with output
Example 2: Capacity Planning of a Three Tier Web Application
  • Device speed up feature
  • Set statements and their usage
  • Deploy and undeploy statements
  • One elaborative example to explain PerfCenter's usage for scaling a web application
Example 3: Modeling Power Managed Devices In PerfCenter
  • Power management related terminology
  • Power managed devices in PerfCenter
  • Specification of power managed devices
  • Power metrics and their use
  • One comprehensive example to illustrate the usage of power features
Example 4: Timeouts and Retries
  • User timeout
  • Balking
  • User retries
  • Badput and Goodput
Example 5: Dynamic Workload
  • Dynamic Workload
  • Cyclic Workload
  • Power and performance metrics with dynamic workload