Three Middle Eastern architects

Travelers can discover lots of classic architectures such as palaces, forts and churches in the Middle East. All of them show you the the past of the countries and the culture of the countries. Besides the historical constructions, the region is famous for natural energy which make countries and nations in the state successful. That is among the factors why there are lots of luxury stores and also breathtaking buildings in Dubai. Worldwide architecture firms always bring out development projects in the cities because of the big amount of resource they have available to use. The fund allows architectures to construct the world’s tallest architecture, the highest hotel and the largest shopping center too. One city in the state has become a haven of architectures. Many of the renowned buildings have impressed the world since they were constructed. The highest building in the city is more than eight hundred meters high. The sail-shaped hotel, was constructed nearly 2 decades ago, has attracted lots of tourists since started. There is even a man-made island in the form of a palm tree. Behind all of the fascinating constructions, there are excellent construction companies. Let’s take a look of three firms in construction field in the state.

One international architecture firm, run by Fahad Al Tamimi - , generally concentrates on residential and commercial constructions. The first project of his office in the Middle Eastern Countries is eco-friendly residential developments and business expansions in the city. Residential development is always significant to the region as the human population grows rapidly. The needs from residents have also boosted. People tend to live in cities with more plants. Green areas provide dwellers relaxing places and plants produce fresher air as well.

Loads of urban renewal plans have been performed in recent years. All of the new architectures in the state are more outstanding than before. One big redevelopment plan was operated by Joe Tabet - , who is a renowned architect in the Middle East. They have delivered design and administration of multiple projects. Innovation and sustainability are the main values of the construction industry nowadays. Constructors have applied new technologies and components in their projects. A lot more city developing projects will be carried out in the around future such as city redevelopment.

Lots of travelers go visit the region in every year, which is great for the country in general as well as tourism, specifically. Tourism is a big business in the state which has made a high demand in accommodation and related infrastructure. Fariborz Hatam - , a founder of a famous architecture company, has directed his crew to undertake several vital tasks in the country. Tailored design of buildings can draw in more travelers such as renowned towers and churches around the world. Many accommodations in the state have stunning outlook. Some of them have been famous attractions.