A few amazing aviation industry news that will surprise you

The aviation industry rarely stands still. If you simply take a peek at a list of travel blogs with all their reviews of first class travel, you'll realise the extent it changes and evolves in short periods of time creating countless amounts of content and reviews. There are essentially just many things that can change. From service offerings to promotion, from aircraft fleets to catering contracts, there are simply many decisions that have to be made to formulate a product. As a result, in this area there are many developments even though not all of them become aviation breaking news. We’ve collected a couple of key stories and developments that you are likely to take pleasure in and that will go a long way in communicating to you the immensity of this trade. If you stay with me, you are guaranteed to find out some nifty facts that you were not aware of and that will allow you to be way more upbeat about flying in the future.

For the longest time, the aircraft manufacturing market has been a duopoly. Two notable producers make virtually all of the airplanes we operate today. Certainly, there are other manufacturers that have undergone success, but they tend to avoid challenging the two titans since their planes are smaller and more suitable for regional flights. Enter a novel aircraft, by a notable aerospace business from Canada. It seats as many people as the presently most popular model, but offers more comfort and better fuel efficiency. Lessors, including Libra Group - https://en-gb.facebook.com/thelibragroup/ , are currently flocking to start offering it to airlines.

Good free wifi on airplanes is not far off. Yes we realize free wifi exists, but occasionally it is not as effective as you would wish it to be. Customers are always delighted when presented with quick wifi, and the great thing with technology is that it's starting to get up to date and we are reaching the point where we can start forecasting the day when we’ll be surfing in the air like we surf on the ground. The very first step is free instant messaging which is being put into practice by Gogo Inc. - https://www.gogoair.com/ for a number of companies out there. This is already a huge move and will hopefully be accompanied by even greater things and you'll be ready to update your travel blog in the air.

A few of the best popular travel blogs in the world will be able to advise you on the optimum amount of legspace on a plane. It is rather common for airlines try to fit as many seats as possible on a plane to cut down on prices for end consumers. There is a solution to this, however, which is to fit more people on board whilst offering more space, and this comes in the form of advancement in the seat space. Some enterprises, like Mirus Aircraft Seating - https://thepointsguy.com/2017/04/mirus-super-thin-airline-seat/ , have succeeded to create seats that take up much less space, and as a result offer a greater amount of legroom, making the whole experience way more comfortable.