Digital Marketing Facts You Must Know

Since last 3 years, not just kids's all age classes are spending more time online and to be frank kids's are spending most of their free time online than watching TV and playing consoles.
In accordance with the latest information, Mobile Internet users in India is predicted to reach approximately 420 million. The number of Social Media accounts is larger than the world's population. This will be a Digital Age.
Among the main significant reasons why Digital Marketing is taking over Traditional Marketing is resourcefulness of internet marketing tools. Engagement would be in any form it could be related to Business, Brands or Products.
If you a have a website or products and unsure about where to commit here I have listed out some of the most important facts and stats which would provide you a good idea.
Through Digital Remarketing 70% more likely to convert into your own product.
By 2020, 72% of UK online ad spending could be through Mobile.
Around 60 million pages being posted each month on WordPress.
Nearly 100 million enrolled. Com domain names.
93% of online experiences will begin with a Search Engine.
Minimum 2 million of blog posts will be published daily.
Top three search on the first page of Google receives over 50% of clicks.
Based on retailers, 82% of customers run research online.
Marketing spend is lesser than Marketing technology spends for companies.
Google Advertising Statistics:
The Majority of the Marketers invest their Digital Advertising on Google.
The Majority of the earnings generated through Screen Advertising alongside search results.
75% of men and 83 percent of female are actively on Facebook.
Instagram has become the most essential social media and 32% of teens using actively.
26 percent of male and 38% of a female using the Instagram network.
81 percent of millennials check their Twitter account at least once each day.
22% of planet's total population uses Facebook.
On Twitter, 82 percent of users watch video content.
Youtube has over countless users. We can estimate one-third of total internet users.
45% of people watch movies on Facebook or even Youtube over one hour per a week.
Over 600 million hours of videos have been observed on Youtube daily.
87 percent of Digital Marketers Utilize video Content.
Mobile Marketing Statistics:
Google has a 65 percent of mobile click-through rate.
48% of cellular study from search engines.
Oogle receives 95% of share from cellular paid clicks.
Email Marketing is the third most prominent source of information for B2B marketers.
For business purposes, 86% of company professionals prefer using email communication.
CTR's are very high when you are handling B2B email campaigns than B2C email campaigns.
59% of B2B marketers state email marketing is the ideal source of a stage to create leads.
I hope you've got a clear idea of where you could invest more. It's a time to Invest in SEO and Digital Marketing

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