A list of global threats and the actions made to thwart them

The concept of security in international relations is critical to ensuring that countries around the globe can coexist in peace. This has resulted in some very interesting developments on the international stage because, as many individuals may already know, the traditional security definition is updating to match the political landscape we presently exist in. Just ten years ago, people wouldn't be mentioning social media and these types of threats anywhere close to as often as they generally do today, because this is a partnership that has truly only turned out to be as distinct as it is in the previous decade. That is not to say that the international community is solely concerned with threats online, because that is not true at all. It is merely that the landscape now is determined in a different way by the assorted global events that have been occurring recently, both inside and around the realm of politics. It is worthwhile learning how countries are thinking when they embrace various strategies to handle these sorts of threats. If you are interested in finding instances of these sorts of strategies, read below to learn more.

The concept of international security is something that isn’t necessarily straightforward to explain, but that said, it is also important to establishing world peace. Needless to say, all countries would like to make sure that they themselves are secure, but it is another thing entirely to extend that reasoning to make sure that entire networks of countries are safe from threat. Sometimes, people have truly come up with solutions that have assisted to set up peace in various sections of policy across multiple nations. One way to do this is by gathering ambassadors to make sure discussion is held on a global platform like peacebuilding assembly.

One particular solution to tackling the biggest threats to the world today is to make sure that people are educated to a greater level regarding what these threats actually entail and how to address the issues in an easier way running forward. This means making certain that dialogue is encouraged, as typically secrecy is what results in threats expanding to the level they are before they can be resolved. As an example, numerous governments are now looking thoroughly at ways to tackle online extremism - http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/google-creates-1million-fun... .

There are several situations where it becomes evident that, despite sensing that certain groups are very likely to act detrimentally regarding international security if provided with money or assistance, a state or company has been engaging with that group. In such cases, it can be challenging to stop the practices, as frequently such support does not go through very transparent channels. Having said that, one practical move is to unify in condemning the action and revealing the behaviour for judgement by the wider world. This has demonstrated to be a simple yet effective tool to help resolve some of the biggest problems facing the world today. For example, several nations have combined to condemn Qatari Terrorist Financing - http://qatarcrisisnews.com/us-representatives-demand-congress-does-more-... .

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