Since I opened this blog, I post two articles a week (one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays). It's a rhythm that requires me to work about 5 hours a week on my blog because writing an article is not only writing an article, but also reread, select and resize images, fill in metadata, publish article, share the article and reply to comments. I figured you might be interested in knowing the writing process by which each of my articles (or almost) passes. Our assignment writers discuss some important points with us, I have shared these important in this blog.
1. Find ideas
Ok. It seems obvious but before writing a blog post, it's better to know what you want to write it on ... To get out of it, I suggest you have a list of articles always at hand that you can modify as you wish. I have an Evernote rating on my Smartphone which is called "Articles of the blog" and where I add (and remove) topics articles when an idea comes to me.
2. Make a plan
To write this article, I started by writing the titles of my steps before writing all the parts, much as one does to write a dissertation plan in high school (and in college). This allows me to realize the final length of the article and the different points that I want to address. I can also see if I need to do additional research or make photos or screenshots. It is also in this phase that I wonder about the possible documents that I could integrate
3. Fill in the boxes
Once all the titles of parts written, I start writing. I do it often without having conducted my research. It's not necessarily because I'm kamikaze actually. It's rather that I do not always have internet on hand when I create the first version of my article.