PerfCenterLite: Create WebApp Capacity Estimates with Ease

PerfCenterLite is a lighter version of performance analysis tool PerfCenter. It allows you to get estimates for a simple web-application, without the hassles of measuring majority of the things on server side. PerfCenterLite only takes server utilization as input. All the other server side things required are configuration information of the server and its software, which require no measurement.
PerfCenterLite was created with the aim that people trying to work with a simple multi-tier web application, can do it without much hassle of performing complex measurements. This enables people to analyze their web application's capacity without having to learn the art of measuring service demands on server side. PerfCenterLite also eliminates the need to have superuser access to the actual production environment for its capacity estimation.

Perfcenter has been developed under the leadership of Prof Varsha Apte by the following people:

  • Bhavin Doshi (since August 2014). Current primary developer.
  • Nadeesh TV, M. Tech, July 2014 (Primary designer and developer of current  code base).