AutoPerf is a load-generator that requires minimal input and configuration from the user, and produces a comprehensive capacity analysis as well as server-side resource usage profile of a Web-based distributed system, in an automated fashion. The tool requires only the workload and deployment description of the distributed system, and automatically sets typical parameters that load generator programs need, such as maximum number of users to be emulated, number of users for each experiment, warm-up time, etc. The tool also does all the co-ordination required to generate a critical type of measure, namely, resource usage per transaction or per user for each software server. This is a necessary input for creating a performance model of a software system.

The development of AutoPerf was primarily supported by a grant from Intel IT, with additional support from IBM and Tata Consultancy Services.


AutoPerf has been developed under the leadership of Prof Varsha Apte by the following people:


  • T.V.S. Viswanath -Primary Developer
    • with significant inputs and suggestions from Bhavin Doshi.


  • Vikas Goel (Research Intern Jan-2013 to June-2013) IIT Bombay
  • Amit Panghal  (B. Tech, 2014, Summer Internship, June-July 2012), IIT Bombay
  • Vivek Paharia (B. Tech, 2014, Summer Internship, June-July 2012), IIT Bombay
  • Shrirang Shirodkar, M. Tech, 2007 (major contributor to current code base), IIT Bombay
  • Vaibhav Selot, M. Tech, 2006, IIT Bombay
  • B. Nagaprabhanjan, M. Tech, 2005, IIT Bombay