PerfCenter: A Datacenter Application Performance Modeling Tool

PerfCenter is a tool, which can be used for performance oriented deployment and configuration of an application in a hosting center, or a “data center”. While there are a number of tools which aid in the process of performance analysis during the software development cycle, few tools are geared towards aiding a data center architect in making appropriate decisions during the deployment of an application. PerfCenter facilitates this process by allowing specification in terms that are natural to a data center architect. Thus, PerfCenter takes, as input, the number and “specs” of hosts available in a data center, the network architecture of geographically diverse data centers, the deployment of software on hosts, hosts on data centers, and the usage information of the application (scenarios, resource consumption), and provides various performance measures such as scenario response times, and resource utilizations.

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Perfcenter has been developed under the leadership of Prof Varsha Apte by the following people:

  • Yogesh Bagul, M. Tech. July 2012. 
  • Mayur Mahrotri, M. Tech. July 2012.  
  • Nikhil Ramteke, M. E. July 2011. (IISc Bangalore.)
  • Rakesh Mallik, M. E. July 2011. (IISc Bangalore.)
  • Niranjan Kumar Puram, M. Tech. July 2009.
  • Akhila Deshpande, Research Staff Member, 2007-2008 (Primary designer and developer of current  code base) .
  • Supriya Marathe, M. Tech. July 2008..
  • Rukma Prabhu-Verlekar, M. Tech. July 2007 (Research Assistant who originally designed and developed the first  version of PerfCenter).
  • Manuj Gupta, M. Tech. July 2007.
  • Bhavesh Kotak, M. Tech. July 2005.



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A Methodology and Tool for Performance Analysis of Distributed Server Systems , Rukma P. Verlekar and Varsha Apte, (short paper) in Preoceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering (Emerging Results Track), Shanghai, May 2006.

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