SYNERG Reading Group

Tags, papers, problem statements (of virtualization/cloud computing related papers)

Papers Discussed

Goals and Modalities

  • The GOAL of the reading group is to have IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION of one specific chosen paper PER WEEK.
  • The CHOICE OF THE PAPER is left to the one who will be leading the discussion. We expect the paper to be chosen from a TOP-TIER CONFERENCE/JOURNAL in networking or distributed systems. Depending on the contents, sometimes we may choose to discuss two papers instead of one, during the weekly meeting.
  • Everyone who attends is expected to have read the paper enough to drive a meaningful DISCUSSION (usually students spend 2-4 hours reading the paper, faculty may spend 0.5-2 hours reading the paper, depending on the paper). It is NOT meant to be a PRESENTATION by one person who has read a paper.
  • The group is expected to be DRIVEN BY STUDENTS primarily (PhD, MTech, DD, BTech-Senior), who are interested in honing their research. But clearly, FACULTY also play a key role (they hone their research too through the in-depth discussions of recent, top-tier papers).
  • We will arrange LUNCH as an incentive, and also since lunch time is an easy-to-find free slot for most people. The way to someone's brain (er, heart?) is through the stomach :-)


The reading group meets every Thursday at 12.30 pm in K.R. Building, Room #301.

Email list
  • synerg-paperdisc AT
  • To subscribe email synerg-paperdisc-subscribe AT cse
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