Keynote Speakers

  1. Taking an Image-centric view of cloud

Akshat Verma, IBM IRL

A cloud can be viewed as a collection of virtual machine images hosted as virtual machines. Virtual machines images can be cloned, modified, and analyzed with a higher degree of efficiency than physical machines. In this talk, we cover many use-cases that benefit from viewing a cloud as a collection of images. In particular, we present a redundancy-based technique to reduce the amount of time taken to migrate a data center to cloud. We also show how an image-centric approach can reduce disaster recovery costs. An image-centric view has the potential to improve many other data center functions and we discuss a few of them that we plan to work on in the future.

  1. Analytics-led Approach for Proactive Management of Data Centers

Maitreya Natu, TRDDC

Today's enterprises operate huge IT infrastructure consisting of large number of compute, communication, storage, and application components. The large scale, complexity, coupled with unplanned and ad-hoc growth is limiting our ability to understand and control the operations of these systems. Most organizations are suffering from poorly designed, managed, and very high-cost infrastructures resulting in systems that are unstable, inefficient, and brittle. In order to achieve the dream state of stable, efficient, and agile systems, there is need to replace the manual, intuition-based, experience-oriented, and time-consuming approach with a fact-based, systematic, analytics-led, and automated approach, to understand and control the IT operations. Realizing such a solution in practice faces several challenges and constraints placed by the real-world environments. In this presentation, we discuss various opportunities and challenges involved in developing such solution.