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Time (HRS)Talk & Speaker
0900-0945Taking an Image-centric view of cloud
 Akshat Verma, IBM India Research Lab
0945-1015Lightweight Adaptive Binary Translation for Virtualization on Embedded Power architecture Platforms
 Aashish Mittal, Dushyant Bansal, Sorav Bansal and Varun Sethi -- IIT Delhi, Freescale Semiconductor
1015-1045Cleancache in Virtualization Using Transcendent Memory and KVM
 Ashutosh Tripathi, Akshay Karle, Nishant Gulhane, Shreyas Mahure and Amar More
1045-1100 Tea Break
1100-1130Secure Process Migration in Cloud Environment
 Rahul Bhalerao, Madhur Bajpai, Avinash Jadhao, Shashikant Zalte and Jibi Abraham -- College of Engineering, Pune
1130-1200SQL - GQL Query Translation for Google App Engine Datastore
 Shyam Kotecha, Minal Bhise and Sanjay Chaudhary -- DA-IICT
1200-1215IBM Cloud Computing technical strategy/roadmap
 Deepak Deshpande, IBM India Software Lab
1215-1400 Lunch and Poster session
1400-1445Analytics-led Approach for Proactive Management of Data Centers
 Maitreya Natu, Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC)
1445-1515Determining the Configuration of a Host Through its Virtual Machines
 Shikhar Agarwal and Sorav Bansal -- IIT Delhi
1515-1530 Tea Break
1530-1600Optimizing Cloud MapReduce for Processing Stream Data using Pipelining
 Rutvik Karve, Devendra Dahiphale and Amit Chhajer -- Pune Institute of Computer Technology
1600-1630Design and Implementation of the Workflow of an Academic Cloud
 Abhishek Gupta, Jatin Kumar, Daniel J Mathew, Sorav Bansal, Subhashis Banarjee and Huzur Saran -- IIT Delhi
1630-1700New architecture for Data Center Networks
 Ashok Kumar A R, S V Rao and Diganta Goswami -- IIT Guwahati
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