Bhavin Doshi

Research Associate,
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 76
bhavin [at]

Courses that I took:
Autumn 2012 CS 435 Linear Optimization
CS 620 New Trends in IT (Network Gaming) (Course Project Report)
CS 695 Virtualization and Cloud
CS 699 Software Lab
Spring 2013 CS 718 Software Architecture
CS 681 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems and Networks
HS 699 Communication and Presentation Skills
CS 694 Seminar on Power Usage in Servers Centers: Estimation and Management Algorithms (Report)
Autumn 2013 CS 725 Machine Learning
Spring 2014 CS 653 Mobile Computing
Autumn 2014 CS 691 R&D Project - Server Overload - Prof Mythili Vutukuru
Stage I
Increasing Predictability and Minimizing Power Consumption in KReSIT (report)
Spring 2015 TD 604 Social Science Research Methods
HS 450 Appreciation of Hindustani Classical Music
Stage II
Increasing Predictability and Minimizing Power Consumption in KReSIT

Research Interests:
Performance Optimization, Virtualization, Server Overload Control, Smart Buildings

Currently Working In:
Smart Energy Informatics Lab (SEIL)
SynerG Lab (Systems and Network Research Group)
Panda Group

Currently Working Under Kind Guidence of:
Prof Krithi Ramamritham

Current Projects:
Research Associate for PerfCenter

Contact Details: [at] [at]
Hostel 12-B-714

More about me:
Peace. Music. Philosophy. Student. Candid Photography. Language. Technology. No-nonsense. Gujju. Indian. Compulsive. Logical. Analyst. Emotions. Silent. Linux.

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