List of Publications

Book Chapters
  1. Membrane Computing with Objects on Membranes, to appear in The Oxford Handbook of Membrane Computing, Oxford University Press, Dec 2009. (with M. Cavaliere, Gh. Paun and A. Paun)
Publications in Refereed International Conference Proceedings
  1. A Unifying Approach to Decide Relations for Timed Automata and their Game Characterization, to appear in Proceedings of EXPRESS/SOS 2013, Buenos Aires, Sep 2013. (with Shibashis Guha, Chinmay Narayan and S.Arun Kumar)

  2. Some Classes of Generalised Communicating P Systems and Simple Kernel P Systems, to appear in Proceedings of CiE'13, Milan, July 2013. (With Marian Gheorghe and Ciprian Dragomir) Awarded Best Paper in Natural Computing

  3. Compositional Verification of Software Product Lines, to appear in Proceedings of iFM'13 , Turku, Finland, June 10-14, 2013. (With Jean-Vivien Millo, S Ramesh and Ganesh Narwane)

  4. Solving the 4QBF Problem in Polynomial Time by Using the Biological-Inspired Mobility, in Proceedings of ICDCIT'13, LNCS 7753 : 432-443, Springer (2013). (With Gabriel Ciobanu and Bogdan Aman)

  5. Tracing SPLs Precisely and Efficiently, in Proceedings of SPLC'12, 186-195, ACM (2012). (With S Ramesh, Swarup Mohalik, Jean-Vivien Millo and Ganesh Narwane)

  6. On the Computability Power of Membrane Systems with Controlled Mobility, Proceedings of CiE'12, LNCS 7318 : 626-635, Springer (2012). (With Bogdan Aman and Gabriel Ciobanu)

  7. Nash Equilibrium in Weighted Concurrent Timed Games with Reachability Objectives, Proceedings of ICDCIT'12, LNCS 7154 : 117-128, Springer (2012). (With Lakshmi Manasa and Ashish Chiplunkar)

  8. Construction of Safety Signal Automata for MTL[U,S], Proceedings of FORMATS'11, LNCS 6919: 225-239, Springer (2011). (With Dileep Kini and Paritosh Pandya)

  9. A &Sigmap2 &cup &Pip2 Lower Bound using Mobile Membranes, Proceedings of Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS'11), LNCS 6808 : 275-288, Springer, (2011). (with Gabriel Ciobanu)

  10. Computability Power of Mobility in Enhanced Mobile Membranes, Proceedings of CiE'11, LNCS 6735 : 160-170, Springer (2011). (with Gabriel Ciobanu)

  11. Model Checking logic WCTL with Multiconstrained modalities on One Clock Priced Timed Automata, Proceedings of FORMATS'09, LNCS 5813: 88-102, Springer (2009). (with Ashish Chiplunkar and Chinmay Jain)

  12. Timed Automata with Integer Resets: Langauge Inclusion and Expressiveness, Proceedings of FORMATS'08, LNCS 5215: 78-92, Springer, (2008). (with P. Vijay Suman, P. K. Pandya and Lakshmi Manasa)

  13. The Expressiveness of Concentration Controlled Systems, Proceedings of UC'08, LNCS 5204: 96-110, Springer, (2008).

  14. Updatable Timed Automata with Additive and Diagonal Constraints, Proceedings of CiE'08 : Logic and Theory of Algorithms, LNCS 5028: 407-416, Springer, (2008). (with Lakshmi Manasa and Kumar Nagaraj)

  15. On the Computational Power of Enhanced Mobile Membranes, Proceedings of CiE'08 : Logic and Theory of Algorithms, LNCS 5028: 326-335, Springer, (2008). (with G. Ciobanu)

  16. On Sampling Abstraction of Continous Time Logic with Durations, Proceedings of TACAS'07, LNCS 4424: 246-260, Springer, (2007). (with P. K. Pandya and K. Loya)

  17. On the Computational Power of Flip-Flop Proteins on Membranes, Proceedings of CiE'07 : Computability and Logic in the Real World, LNCS 4497: 695-704, Springer, (2007).

  18. On Pure Catalytic P Systems, Proceedings of UC'06, LNCS 4135: 152-165, Springer, (2006).

  19. On the Power of Bio-Turing Machines, Proceedings of UC'06, LNCS 4135: 243-253, Springer, (2006). (with H.Ramesh and R.Rama)

  20. Upper and Lower Bounds for the Computational Power of P Systems with Mobile Membranes, Proceedings of CiE 2006 : Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers, LNCS 3988: 526-535, Springer, (2006).

  21. Modal strength reduction in quantified discrete duration calculus, Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, (FSTTCS), LNCS 3821: 444- 456, Springer, (2005). (with P. K. Pandya)

  22. Communicating Distributed H Systems : Optimal Results with Efficient Ways of Communication, Proceedings of 11th International Meeting on DNA Based Computers (DNA 11), LNCS 3892 : 181-192, Springer, (2006).

  23. The Power of Mobility : Four Membranes Suffice, Proceedings of Computability In Europe (CiE) : New Computational Paradigms, LNCS 3526: 242-251, Springer, (2005).

  24. P Systems with Symport/Antiport : The Traces of RBCs, Proceedings of WMC5 , LNCS 3365: 331-343, Springer, (2005).

  25. On Power of Tissue P Systems working in Minimal Mode, Proceedings of UMC 2002, LNCS 2509 : 208-219, Springer, (2002). (with R. Rama)

  26. Insertion-deletion P Systems, Proceedings of the 7th International Meeting on DNA Based Computers (DNA 7), LNCS 2340 : 360-370, Springer, (2002). (with R. Rama)

  27. Contextual Array Splicing Systems, IEEE Proceedings of SPIRE/CRIWG 99, Cancun, Mexico, 168-175 (1999). (with R. Rama)

Publications in Refereed Journals
  1. Nash Equilibrium in Weighted Concurrent Timed Games with Reachability Objectives, to appear in Journal of Computing, 2012. (with Lakshmi Manasa and Ashish Chiplunkar).

  2. On Restricted Bio-Turing Machines, Fundamenta Informaticae, Volume 110, Number 1-4, (2011). (with R. Rama, H. Ramesh and M. Gheorghe).

  3. Model Checking Weighted Integer Reset Timed Automata, Theory of Computing Systems (ToCS), 48(3) : 648-679 (2011). (with Lakshmi Manasa and Chinmay Jain).

  4. Enhanced Mobile Membranes: Computability Results, Theory of Computing Systems (ToCS), 48(3) : 715-729 (2011). (with Gabriel Ciobanu).

  5. Membrane Computing with Transport and Embedded Proteins, Theoretical Computer Science, 410 : 355-375 (2009).

  6. Universality Results for P Systems based on Brane Calculi Operations, Theoretical Computer Science, 371(1-2) : 83-105 (2007).

  7. Internal Contextual Grammars for Mildly Context-Senstitive Languages, Research on Language and Computation, 5(2) : 181-197 (2007). (with C.Martin-Vide, R.Rama and K.Lakshmanan)

  8. P Systems with Mobile Membranes, Natural Computing, 4(3) : 255-274 (2005). (with Gheorghe Paun)

  9. New Results in Contextual/Rewriting P Systems, Fundamenta Informaticae, 64, 1-4 : 241-253 (2005). (with H.Ramesh and R.Rama)

  10. Results on Catalytic and Evolution-Communication P Systems, New Generation Computing, 22(4) : 377-394 (2004). (with Andrei Paun)

  11. Breaking DES using P Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, 1-3(299): 495-508 (2003). (with R.Rama)

  12. On some classes of Contextual Grammars, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 80(2) :151-164 (2003). (with K.Lakshmanan and R.Rama)

  13. On the Power of P Systems with Contextual Rules, Fundamenta Informaticae, 49(1-3): 167-178 (2002). (with K.Lakshmanan and R.Rama)

  14. P Systems with Picture Objects, Acta Cybernetica 15(1) : 53-74 (2001). (with K. Krithivasan and R. Rama)

  15. A Note on Parallel Rewriting P Systems, Bulletin of EATCS 73: 147-151 (2001). (with R.Rama)

  16. P Systems with Replicated rewriting, Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics, 6(3), 345-350 (2001). (with R.Rama)

  17. On the Power of P Systems Based on Sequential/Parallel Rewriting, International Journal of Computer Mathematics,77(1-2) : 1-14 (2000). (with R.Rama)

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