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Academic Programmes

  • Introduction

    The CSE department offers B.Tech., B.Tech. Dual-Degree, M.Tech., M.Tech. Dual-Degree and Ph.D. programmes in computer science and engineering. The M.Tech. and Ph.D. are post-graduate programmes, the B.Tech. is the undergraduate programme, while the B.Tech. Dual-Degree is a programme in which you come in at the undergraduate level, stay for five years, and are awarded both a B.Tech. and an M.Tech degree. Details regarding all these programmes can be found here. In addition to the above, some department-specific information is given below. Please follow the appropriate links to find what you need.

  • Postgraduate Programme (Ph.D.)

    The Ph.D. programme is a post-graduate programme focussed on original research that can lead to publications in premier conferences or journals. Students are required to do some courses in the first few semesters (coursework required can vary based on student background), but soon move on completely to research. The courses are the same as the set of electives offered in the M.Tech. programme (see below). The time required to complete a Ph.D. can vary - however, a typical timeframe is four to five years. See the official Ph.D. Admission Portal for details or Ph.D. Programme Brochure.

  • Postgraduate Programme (MS)

    M.S by Research in CSE is a new programme (introduced in 2020) designed for students who wish to explore a career in R&D, and can serve as a first step either towards a Ph.D. or towards a high-end R&D oriented career in industry. Admissions to the M.S. by Research programme in CSE will be available in the TA category, which is funded by the institute, as well as in the RAP category, where the student works with a CSE faculty member on an R&D project which funds the students stipend.


    • Eligibility requirements identical to M.Tech.
    • Designed for students interested in R&D
    • Coursework and thesis focused on research
    • Binding to specialization area at admission time
    • Flexible program duration (1.5 yrs to 3 yrs)
    • Up to three years full scholarship
    • New program, started in 2020!
    • Common application form with M.Tech.

    For course and credit outline of a typical M.S. programme, see here (the actual programme may vary in consultation with the faculty advisor).

  • Postgraduate Programme (M.Tech.)

    The standard M.Tech. (TA) is a two-year programme, where the first two semesters (July to May) are spent doing courses. A one-year project commences in May (end of the 2nd semester) and lasts for almost fourteen months (till about July next year). The project typically has a strong research component.

    A three-year M.Tech. (RA) programme is also offered, for project and technical staff ("RA/PS" category).

    Please see the IITB M.Tech. Programme Brochure for additional details.

    For course and credit outline of a typical M.Tech. programme, see here (the actual programme may vary in consultation with the faculty advisor).

  • Dual-degree Postgraduate Programme (M.Tech. + Ph.D.)

    Starting May 2009, IIT-Bombay has started the dual degree (M.Tech. + Ph.D.) programme. While there is no direct admission into this programme, this is meant to facilitate M.Tech. students with an inclination for research, to move into the Ph.D. programme, and still earn the M.Tech. degree as well at the end. Further details of this are available at the IITB academic office's rules and regulations page.

  • Undergraduate Programme (B.Tech.)

    The B.Tech. programme at the Department of CSE, IIT Bombay, follows a flexible curriculum that covers the theoretical underpinnings of computer science as well as a range of essential topics in computer systems. It also includes various institute level engineering and science courses, and topics in humanities and social sciences.

    • The minor program: Non-CSE students have the flexibility of earning a minor degree in CSE, by earning 30 credits in CSE. Likewise, CSE students have the flexibility of earning a minor degree in any other department or school of the institute (e.g. Electrical Engineering, School of Management, Industrial Design Centre, etc.).

        The credits can be earned using the following criterias:
        1. Students must do atleast 4 CSE M numbered courses and the fifth course can be any CSE elective course.
        2. A department elective can be credited as one of the five minor courses.
        3. Only 1 R&D project allowed for minors.

    • The honours program: Students can get a B.Tech. degree with honours in CSE by earning 24 extra credits in CSE, including at least 6 credits of independent study. Among the options for earning these credits are: advanced elective courses, a semester-long R & D project, or two semesters of B.Tech. project.

    • Honours and minor: Students with good academic standing are eligible to enroll for courses such that they get 30 minor credits (in another department/centre) as well as 24 honours credits in CSE. Such students would then get a B.Tech. degree with honours (in CSE) as well as a minor (in another department). The rules and regulations governing the B.Tech. programme are available at the IITB academic office's rules and regulations page.

    Departmental rules: CSE Department UG Rules
    Academic Malpractice: Procedures and Disciplinary Actions