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M.Tech. RA FAQ

  • FAQ regarding the 3 year M.Tech. R.A. Programme

    Here is a FAQ prepared by the M.Tech students on some of the less obvious aspects of the 3 year MTech Research Assistantship (RA) programme.

    1. What are the different categories within the 3 year MTech RA programme?

      For the three year programme, there are two generic types of positions. In one case, you are directly assigned to a professor with whom you you will do your Masters Dissertation/Project. In the other case, you are assigned task by a Professor in the department, but you are not required to do a Masters Dissertation/Project with him or her. More details are available in the the MTech brochure which is available at the Academic homepage of the Institute.

    2. I have a job offer from (or I am currently working with) company XYZ. Will joining a 3year programme not adversely impact my career progress and monetary gains ?

      Our students say that one primary reason for joining the programme is the value add it provides for getting a better career. It is true no doubt that if you go in for a 2 year programme, you will most likely be working when the 3 year person is still at IIT. However, the job scene is not a function of a 2 year programme or a 3 year programme. It is more a function of what you learn, and how well you learn. The additional work experience that a 3 year programme enables you to have a better clarity and marketability when you enter the job market. Plus you have all your 2 year friends in various positions to check if they made the right decision.

    3. Could you spell out the merits of the 3 year programme over the 2 year programme?

      Simply stated, the 3 year programme is a more relaxed programme. You will need to take less courses per semester. Reflect back: During your B.Tech/BE programme, did you ever feel that if you had more time, you would have done more justice to your dreams/capabilities/brain cells? The course load in the 3 year programme gives you that opportunity. Unless you go back for a Ph.D, it is unlikely you will again get a chance to learn from the ultimate "masters" in their individual fields.

    4. Do recruiting companies differentiate amongst students of different categories during the placements?

      Yes and no. There is no negative discrimination, but they are likely to pay more attention to the work experience especially if your grade point average is lower.

    5. I wish to go for a Phd in India/abroad after my MTech, which programme is best suited for me?

      First of all, why not try for a Phd programme directly? In any case, PS/PA/TAP programs are more concentrated towards research minded people but that does not stop RA/TA category students to structure their MTech by taking appropriate research-oriented courses and even doing a "Research Project" under a faculty member instead of a course in a semester.

    6. How can I contact some current students of MTech to know more details?

      You can find a list of current students on this website.

    7. To conclude, words of a Computer Centre RA :

      My fear of losing touch with practical work vanished when I got to work on IIT Bombay's core routers hands on! Effectively, I could study topics of my choice and try them out practically on IIT Bombay's vast network! My friends working as RAs in other departments have had similar experiences. One friend is a Application Software Cell(ASC) RA, and he gets to work on oracle database and develops applications for the IIT Bombay's core database. His area of interest has been databases, and feels that he knows more now then what he got from the industry! To conclude...Its not that only networking people like me have benefited. I know atleast 4 other people in my batch alone who have left their "Fat Paying Jobs" in the industry to take up RA positions in different streams here. All of them are highly satisfied with the move they made. Take up an RA position in your area of interest, and I am sure you will not regret it!

  • M.Tech 3 Year (List of projects and positions available)

    List of projects and positions changes every year as per the needs of department and institute. The following is list of projects and positions available in a typical year.

    1. System administration in Dept. of CSE
      No. of RA Positions: 5
    2. System administration in Computer Center
      No. of RA Positions: 4
    3. Project : Asynchronous Helpline
      No. of RA Positions: 2
    4. Center for Formal Design and Verification
      No. of RA Positions: 3
    5. Project: NVLI
      No. of RA Positions: 5
    6. Project : eYantra
      No. of RA Positions: 2
    7. CFILT Lab
      No. of RA Positions: 1
    8. ISRDC Lab
      No. of RA Positions: 4
    9. SEIL Lab
      No. of RA Positions: 2