Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

M.Tech.Research Assistant Projects 2020

  • Available Research Assistant projects

    There are about 16 Institute RA (RA) positions available, and about 14 Project RA (RAP) positions.
    Here is a partial list in no particular order of importance.

    1. System Administration in Dept. of CSE
      No. of RA Positions: 6
      Incharge : Syscomm
      Job Description:

        The department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay operates significant computing and network infrastructure for the use of its students and faculty. This includes the following types of infrastructure:

        - Programming Labs where course lab work is conducted (such as for the introductory programming course, the data structures course, the operating systems course, the databases course, and so on). These are typically populated with Linux desktops or laptops and can contain between 40 and 150 machines.
        - Server infrastructure that hosts services such as mail, DNS, LDAP. These are virtualized server environments configured for high availability. Server infrastructure that can be used to give students and faculty virtual machines and containers (eg. Docker) based environments as infrastructure as a service.
        - An L2/L3 network fully equipped with functioning VLAN that connects all of this together and uplinks to the IIT Bombay network.
        - In all, we own and operate around 600 personal computers and up to 20 server machines. In order to support and expand all of this, we are looking for RAs to act as systems administrators. The Sysad group has the following responsibilities:
        1. Provide lab support for course-related labs - ensure the OS is up to spec, the required software is installed, and debug any issues that may arise during the labs.
        2. Monitor the CSE production network and services. Debug any issues that arise on a day to day basis.
        3. Participate in enhancing the infrastructure.
      Expected Skills
        We are looking for students with good Linux programming skills and are not afraid to dive into (possibly messy) code! Expertise managing and maintaining a network (both wireless and wired) would be great to have. The Sysad group is a great way to build up your systems programming and management skills and enhance your resume improving your job prospects in the future.

    2. ASC
      No. of RA Positions: 4
      Incharge : Head, ASC
      Job Description:
        - Managing Java/Java EE application development
        - Designing and developing high-volume, low-latency applications for critical systems and delivering high-availability and performance
        - Contributing in all phases of the software development life-cycle
        - Writing well designed, testable, efficient code
        - Conducting software analysis, programming, testing and debugging
        - Identifying and rectifying production and non-production application issues
        - Maintaining precise and regular documentation of the additions and updates to the code-base
      Expected Skills
        - Coding experience in J2EE
        [ JavaServer pages (JSP) and servlets Web frameworks (e.g., Struts and Spring) Service-oriented architecture/web services (SOAP/REST) Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery Markup languages like XML and JSON ]
        - Database Postgress- with knowledge of database query, procedures, implementing SOA and web services.
        - Experience in gathering requirements for designing code-base and data structures for 2 and 3 tier client server applications.
        - Interested in being a team member of an ERP Project for rolling out the transition from legacy to SAP ERP.
        - Exposure in managing LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle & CMS (Content Management System) like Drupal.
        - Knowledge of Linux system administration.

    3. Academic Office (SAFE)
      No. of RA Positions: 2
      Faculty : Prof. Bhaskaran Raman & Prof. Kameswari Chebrolu
      Job Description:
        - Details available at here

    4. CC
      No. of RA Positions: 4
      Incharge : Head, CC
      Job Description:
        - HPCC: Log analysis and projection, Portal Maintenance, Basic administration of LDAP server
        - SERVICES: OAUTH2 (single sign on), IPV6, Log analysis, prediction and response. Linux System analysis, Website Development, Monitoring, Virtualization, Complaint management system LDAP account creation and management, Email services and debugging email issues for users. VPN service management, IT orchestration and application automation in the Bits and Bytes lab, Video conferencing management
        - SECURITY: Security Compliance Management, Network Security Assessment, Application Security Assessment, IDS/IPS/ELK Management
        - SOFTWARE: Management of various concurrent network license services used for computing software, providing support to install the client-side software, etc. Generating usage reports, Management of licenses for Web Conferencing software like Cisco’s WebEx, Zoom, etc. and various open-source platforms like Big Blue Button, Jitsi, etc. Generating Usage reports. Microsoft Teams and Google meet support.
        - NETWORKING: Designing a campus-sized network, Configuring physical components such as switches, cables, routers, wireless APs for the network, as well as servers (preferably Linux-based) for running Internet services, software/hybrid product solutions for email, proxies, firewalls, Innovative solutions for hardware upkeep including remote monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis and alarm management systems.
      Expected Skills
        - HPCC: Knowledge of handling LINUX Server, Web page development
        - SERVICES: NodeJS scripting, PHP, Basic networking, Scripting in Python, Golang, Linux System analyst, Bash scripting, Linux package compilation from source, PHP, Apache, Mysql., Zabbix, Nagios software management, Linux Containers, Docker, KVM
        - SECURITY: Knowledge of Linux, Knowledge of Networking Concepts, Scripting in bash and python, Basics of web technology, Basic understanding of programming languages, Knowledge of security tools like Nmap, OpenVAS, OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite would be an added advantage
        - SOFTWARE: Basics of operating systems, basic programming, database, HTML, eager to learn new things.
        - NETWORKING: Understanding of networking, Hands-on person and a problem solver

    5. IBM AIHN Project[NLP] (AIHN)
      No. of RAP Positions: 3
      Faculty: Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya & Prof. Preethi Jyothi
      Project Details: This is an ongoing project investigating Machine Translation, Sentiment and Emotion Analysis and Explainabity-Causality with IBM researchers. Machine Translation focuses on low resource languages exploiting many ideas like phrase injection, morph injection, pivoting, byte pair encoding etc. Sentiment and emotion concentrates on intensity and combination of emotions (plutchik wheel). Finally explainabilty-causality research tries to answer why a deep neural net classifies or decided the way it does.

    6. Abdul Kalam Fellowship Project on Medical Informatics (AKFPMI)
      No. of RAP Positions: 1
      Faculty: Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya
      Project Details: This research is on automating the activities of medical practitioners like radiologists. The medical practitioner makes use of Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding and Knowledge Graph to increase the productivity of consultation and diagnosis. The work is jointly with industry.

    7. Speech to Speech Machine Translation (SSMT)
      No. of RAP Positions: 2
      Faculty: Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya & Prof. Preethi Jyothi
      Project Details: This project is on automatically translating speech signal to speech signal involving thee Languages of English Hindi and Marathi. ASR, MT, TTS technologies are involved. Many low resource techniques need to exploited for quality output. The domains are educational, tourism and health.

    8. XData: Automated Grading of Student SQL Queries (AGSSQ)
      No. of RAP Positions: 1
      Faculty: Prof. S. Sudarshan
      Project Details: Grading student SQL queries is usually done by manually checking whether the SQL query submitted by the student matches the correct query or by comparing the results of student SQL queries with that of correct queries on fixed datasets. Manual checking is cumbersome and error-prone since students may write queries in a variety of different ways, while using fixed datasets (independent of the query) may fail to catch errors in student queries. Also for the purpose of grading, incorrect SQL queries should be awarded partial marks.
      The XData system developed at IIT Bombay address the problem of grading student SQL queries by generating test datasets from instructor queries. It also supports partial marking by judging how far in terms of edits a student query is from the closest correct query.
      For more details see: here
      Job Profile and Skills: The RA chosen for this project will be expected to work on the system, including maintenance and adding new features. There is significant scope for research in this project.

    9. BodhiTree (BOTR)
      No. of RAP Positions: 3
      Faculty: Prof. Kameswari Chebrolu, Prof. Varsha Apte & Prof. Bhaskaran Raman
      Project Details: BodhiTree is a learning management platform to host interactive multimedia books and to support flipped classrooms. The platform empowers instructors and is seeing tremendous growth and usage in current Covid times.
      Job Profile and Skills: The nature of the work involves implementing new features, designing a lab framework to autograde CS lab assignments via ML models/virtual machines, data analytics, UI design, apart from usual bug fixes.

    10. SQRE Page (SQRE)
      No. of RAP Positions: 1
      Faculty: Prof. Kameswari Chebrolu & Prof. Bhaskaran Raman
      Project Details: Sqre Page stands for Smart Question Repository and Paper Generator. The goal of this project is to create a smart question bank from which question papers can be easily generated based on specified constraints.
      Job Profile and Skills: Nature of work involves UI design, latex/pdf based extraction of questions (involves some AI), auto-tagging and duplicate detection of questions (will involve some ML/NLP), security aspects, crowdsourcing for content correction and quality check.

    11. WWH (WWH)
      No. of RAP Positions: 1
      Faculty: Prof. Kameswari Chebrolu & Prof. Bhaskaran Raman
      Project Details: Modeled after WWW but with the goal of providing easy and cost effective information access via phone calls to poor and low literates. Field trials ongoing in hospitals during current Covid times as well as by NGOs.
      Job Profile and Skills: Nature of the work: technical support for field trials, build intelligent IVR and voice based systems, Whatsapp based chatbot integration.

    12. High Performance Distributed Object Store (HPDOS)
      No. of RAP Positions: 2
      Faculty: Prof. Umesh Bellur & Prof. Purushottam Kulkarni
      Project Details: With new memory technologies (SCM - storage class memories) comes the ability to have low latency persistence. Usually we had to go to disks for persistence with a terrible latency penalty and while SSDs have ameliorated the latency, the new class of NVM RAMs brings it down by order of magnitude. This opens up interesting possibilities in the distributed file system space where we can think of use another computer's memory as a (temporary) substitute for local disks. Since memory is still limited in quantity, the trick is to juggle what is kept in memory and when its moved to disk.
      We want to build the next generation distributed file system with super low latency and super high throughput taking advantage of new technologies.
      Job Profile and Skills: We are looking for researchers interested in Systems research having a good knowledge of operating system. You must be a hacker willing to mess with kernel code and be interested in empirically bench-marking and designing enterprise grade systems software.