Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

M.Tech.Research Assistant Projects 2021

  • Available Research Assistant projects

    RA: Symbolizes Institute RA. In the tenure you have to work for the position assigned to you. You are free to decide the guide for your MTP(Master thesis project).

    RAP: Symbolizes Project RA. In the tenure you have to work for the project you have been selected for. You have to do your MTP under the same guide.

    1. Project Title: An Abstraction-Refinement based Translation Validator for GCC Compiler (GCC Validator)
      No. of Positions: 1 (RAP)
      Project Description: The reliability of an executable code critically depends on the reliability of the compiler used to generate the executable. Translation validation provides guarantees on the reliability of specific runs of a compiler by showing that it transforms a source program into a semantically equivalent target program. We want to build an end-to-end Translation Validation tool that takes as input a C program, and automatically proves or disproves the following for a run of the GCC compiler with all optimizations enabled: (a) The behavior of the program before and after each machine-independent intraprocedural optimization pass (called tree optimizations in GCC) are equivalent. (b) The behavior of the tree-optimized GIMPLE program (the intermediate representation of GCC) is equivalent to the register transfer language (RTL) program obtained by the expansion pass of GCC. (c) The behavior of the program before and after each machine dependent RTL-optimization pass are equivalent. (d) If the semantics are not equivalent for any of the above passes, the tool will generate a counterexample as a witness. We will evaluate the effectiveness of our translation validator on the standard benchmark, SPEC2006.
      For more information about this project, please refer to this presentation. (Here are the accompanying slides.)

    2. Project Title: Indic Language Machine Translation Workbench (Machine Translation)
      No. of Positions: 1 (RAP)
      Project Description: To address challenges in Indian language Machine translation and associated resource constraints, we propose an open and accessible ecosystem for english to native language translation, which will allow a range of participants to contribute to translation of texts into Indian languages in a cost effective manner. The core of this ecosystem is built around a Machine assisted translation system to augment human translators capabilities for higher efficiency and effectiveness which further brings down the cost of translation and turn around time with increased and consistent quality. The planned platform is intended to be available as complete translation workbench and allow consistent and high quality translation, while reducing the incremental cost of translating a document. The platform should ideally reduce the skill-set barrier for the translators to allow community participation for initial draft translation of any translation. Such an end-goal could be facilitated by maintaining the quality profile of translators, reviewers, proofreaders, etc.

    3. CC
      No. of positions: 5 (RA)
      Contact Details: Shri Pradip Tirmare ( Technical Officer, Email:, mobile: 9819928069 )
      Job Description:
        - HPCC: Log analysis and projection, Portal Maintenance, Basic administration of LDAP server.
        - SERVICES: OAUTH2 (single sign on), IPV6, Log analysis, prediction and response. Linux System analysis, Website Development, Monitoring, Virtualization, Complaint management system LDAP account creation and management, Email services and debugging email issues for users. VPN service management, IT orchestration and application automation in the Bits and Bytes lab, Video conferencing management.
        - NETWORKING: Managing a campus-sized network 800+ network L2 and L3 switches, including 18 hostels, 32+ departments and 2000+ residential networks and 40+ labs. Configuring physical components such as switches, cables, routers, wireless Controller and APs for the network, as well as servers (preferably Linux-based) for running Internet services, Network Management software, IPv6, SDN, Netdisco, NMAP, Zabbix, and locally developed SNMP based NMS. hardening the security of the networking switches, routers, working on routing protocols, OSPF, software/hybrid product solutions for email, proxies, firewalls, Innovative solutions for hardware upkeep including remote monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis and alarm management systems, 800+ linux/windows based machine OS automation and management system.
        - SECURITY: Security Compliance Management, Network Security Assessment, Application Security Assessment, IDS/IPS/ELK Management.
        - SOFTWARE: Management of various concurrent network license services used for computing software, providing support to install the client-side software, etc. Generating usage reports, Management of licenses for Web Conferencing software like Cisco’s WebEx, Zoom, etc. and various open-source platforms like Big Blue Button, Jitsi, etc. Generating Usage reports. Microsoft Teams and Google meet support.
      Expected Skills:
        - HPCC: Knowledge of handling LINUX Server, Web page development.
        - SERVICES:NodeJS scripting, PHP, Basic networking, Scripting in Python, Golang, Linux System analyst, Bash scripting, Linux package compilation from source, PHP, Apache, Mysql., Zabbix, Nagios software management, Linux Containers, Docker, KVM.
        - SECURITY:Knowledge of Linux, Knowledge of Networking Concepts, Scripting in bash and python, Basics of web technology, Basic understanding of programming languages, Knowledge of security tools like Nmap, OpenVAS, OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite would be an added advantage.
        - SOFTWARE:Basics of operating systems, basic programming, database, HTML, eager to learn new things.
        - NETWORKING:Understanding of basic networking, networking protocols, Bash scripting, Python scripting, network security. Hands-on person and a problem solver, basis knowledge of linux and windows OS.

    4. ASC
      No. of Positions: 2 (RA)
      Contact Details: Sarita Vetal ( Email:, mobile: 9819933489 )
      Job Description:
        - Managing Java/Java EE application development.
        - Designing and developing high-volume, low-latency applications for critical systems and delivering high-availability and performance.
        - Contributing in all phases of the software development life-cycle.
        - Writing well designed, testable, efficient code.
        - Conducting software analysis, programming, testing and debugging.
        - Identifying and rectifying production and non-production application issues.
        - Maintaining precise and regular documentation of the additions and updates to the code-base.
      Expected Skills
        - Coding experience in J2EE
        JavaServer pages (JSP) and servlets Web frameworks (e.g., Struts and Spring)
        Service-oriented architecture/web services (SOAP/REST)
        Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks Markup languages like XML and JSON.
        - Database Postgress- with knowledge of database query, procedures, implementing SOA and web services.
        - Experience in gathering requirements for designing code-base and data structures for 2 and 3 tier client server applications.
        - Interested in being a team member of an ERP Project for rolling out the transition from legacy to SAP ERP.
        - Exposure in managing LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle & CMS (Content Management System) like Drupal.
        - Knowledge of Linux system administration.
        - Knowledge of Networking Concepts and security tools.

    5. Syscomm
      No. of Positions: 6 (RA)
      Contact Details:
        The department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay operates significant computing and network infrastructure for the use of its students and faculty. This includes the following types of infrastructure:
        - Programming Labs where course lab work is conducted (such as for the introductory programming course, the data structures course, the operating systems course, the databases course, and so on). These are typically populated with Linux desktops or laptops and can contain between 40 and 150 machines.
        - Server infrastructure that hosts services such as mail, DNS, LDAP. These are virtualized server environments configured for high availability.
        - Server infrastructure that can be used to give students and faculty virtual machines and containers (eg. Docker) based environments as infrastructure as a service.
        - An L2/L3 network fully equipped with functioning VLAN that connects all of this together and uplinks to the IIT Bombay network.
      Job Description
        In all, we own and operate around 600 personal computers and up to 20 server machines. In order to support and expand all of this, we are looking for RAs to act as systems administrators. The Sysad group has the following responsibilities:
        - Provide lab support for course-related labs - ensure the OS is up to spec, the required software is installed, and debug any issues that may arise during the labs.
        - Monitor the CSE production network and services. Debug any issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.
        - Participate in enhancing the infrastructure.
      Expected Skills
        We are looking for students with good Linux programming skills and are not afraid to dive into (possibly messy) code! Expertise in managing and maintaining a network (both wireless and wired) would be great to have. The Sysad group is a great way to build up your systems programming and management skills and enhance your resume improving your job prospects in the future.