Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Get Involved!

We welcome you to engage with our students and faculty in several ways. Please contact office at cse iitb ac in for further details on any of the items below.

  • Recruit Our Students!

    IIT Bombay has an extensive mechanism for helping corporations recruit our students for jobs and internships. Please find out more details from Placements@iitb.

    Important: If you are interested in participating in the placement process, please read our letter on placement process reforms.

  • Alumni Engagement

    We invite our alumni to be part of the IIT Bombay alumni association and heritage foundation. We also encourage you to engage with the department directly.

  • Research Resources

    Research and Development efforts in the department has generated several resources which are available to the public. Please visit the individual faculty research pages and labs for further information.

    Our faculty members are also available for consulation and for carrying out sponsored projects on topics of their interest. Please consult the IIT Bombay Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre if you are interested in engaging our faculty to solve your research problems.

  • Teaching Resources

    Our faculty have made high-quality instructional material on various topics widely available. Please visit the individual faculty pages and contact the faculty members if you would like to make use of such material in your courses.

    Our faculty members also give invited talks, participate in instructional workshops, and offer online courses via edX and NPTEL, and organize short-term courses via IIT Bombay's Continuing Education Programme. We have also been involved with an initiative to train thousands of teachers to enhance the teaching skills of faculty in core engineering and science subjects across the country. Our e-Yantra initiative is focused on spreading education in embedded systems and robotics, by setting up robotics labs at colleges around the country, organizing competitions and summer interships for undergraduate students, etc.

  • Support Us!

    Standing in the way of raising the IITB CSE department from arguably the best department in the country to one that is highly ranked globally, are several resource constraints. We seek your support in raising resources to meet several immediate and longer-term goals:

    • Continue attracting world-class faculty, building up a critical mass of faculty (> 60) covering all current major areas of CS research.
    • Double, if not triple, the current doctoral program size.
    • Provide students and faculty with high quality infrastructure (within the existing buildings) and equipment.
    • Raise the quality of instruction by creating a pool of high-quality teaching assistants.
    • Support graduate and undergraduate student research via fellowships, travel grants and awards.
    • Create a well-staffed department business office.
    • Incentives and programs to encourage and build entrepreneurial capacity in the department.

    Ways in which you can help

    Below is a partial list of many things you can contribute towards. You can associate the name of an individual or organization with your contribution. Apart from chairs, awards, fellowships you can institute and research centres you may support, the naming rights to the various labs and even the new building that houses much of the department are up for grabs.

    • Faculty chair professorships (named after individuals or organizations).
    • Ph.D. fellowships and post-doctoral fellowships in the department.
    • An undergraduate research program, with funding for the students.
    • Computational infrastructure for research and instruction (e.g., a data centre, a private cloud).
    • A new lab to meet the increase in student intake.
    • Faculty and student lounges to enable casual interaction.
    • An endowment towards the recurring expenses of the department (e.g., hiring TAs and staff, infrastructure maintenance).