A guide to applying the patch, building, and testing L-FCPA1

The current L-FCPA patch is released for gcc-4.6.*.


  • Before using the plugin, open terminal and test the gcc version
         ~/$. gcc --version
    The version must be 4.6.* or above, or else please install it using apt-get or Software Centre.
  • Also run the following command:
         ~/$. sudo apt-get install gcc-4.6-plugin-dev

Step I : Building the plugin

  • Untar the tarball
         ~/$.tar -xvf lfcpa-plugin.tar.g
    After untarring, you will see a folder "lfcpa-plugin".
  • Change directory to this folder
         ~/$.cd lfcpa-plugin
  • Hook the plugin dynamically in gcc
         ~/lfcpa-plugin$. make
    You will see a file named after the successful make.

Step II : Testing L-FCPA

  • Create any sample program "test.c" inside the directory lfcpa-plugin. (As a trial a test.c is already given)
  • Run the command
         ~/lfcpa-plugin$. make test
  • Inspect the generated lfcpa dump test.c.225i.lfcpa to analyze the information gathered by the pass.
  • Use the following to delete all dump files
         ~/lfcpa-plugin$. make clean

1. Also referred to as lipta in the previous version of paper

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