Videos of Lectures on Essential Abstractions in GCC -2012

You can access the locally hosted videos through the links given below. The videos have also been hosted on an external server. However, accessing them requires multi-step process which has been described below this table at the end of this page.

Topics Videos
Introduction, Opening Remarks, and
An overview of compilation and GCC
Video-1a, Video-1b
First level gray box probing of GCC Video-2a, Video-2b, Video-2c
Configuration and Building Video-3a, Video-3b
Introduction to Data Flow Analysis Video-6a, Video-6b, Video-6c
GCC Control Flow and Plugins Video-4a, Video-4b, Video-4c,
Video-5a, Video-5b
Manuplating GIMPLE and RTL IRs Video-5c
Introduction to Machine Descriptions Video-7a, Video-7b, Video-7c
Spim Machine Descriptions Video-8a, Video-8b, Video-8c
The retargetability model of GCC Video-9
Parallelization and Vectorization in GCC Video-10a, Video-10b ,Video-11a,
A Summary of Essential Abstractions in GCC Video-12

Videos of Lectures on Essential Abstractions in GCC -Alternative website

  • Please visit the videos page .

  • Please click on the Computer Science discipline and then click on Essential Abstractions in GCC.

  • Select the required video from the slider.

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