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Committees: Academic

DUGC (Departmental Under-Graduate Committee) and DPGC (Departmental Post-Graguate Committee) are respectively responsible for the UG and PG programs, courses, and rules.

Each batch of students has a faculty advisor for advising on academic as well as non-academic aspects of campus life.

The awardscomm (Awards Committee) manages decisions on various student awards and travel grants.

The time-tabling committee (ttc) interfaces with the institute's academic office for time-tabling and exam scheduling.

DDAC (Departmental Disciplinary Action Committee): deals with issues related to academic malpractices and their prevention

Systems and Labs

The department sysads (system administrators) and Syscomm (systems committee) maintain the department's computer systems, services, labs, etc.

The webteam maintains the department website and this Infoczar wiki.

Other Administration