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2014-11-12 : CFILT's disambiguation research accepted in top AI forum
The paper

"Devendra Chaplot and Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Using Markov Random Field and Dependency Parser, AAAI 2015, Austin Texas, USA, 25-29 January, 2015"

has been accepted in the AAAI conference (American Association for Artificial Intelligence) as full research paper. AAAI is one of the two topmost conferences in AI (the other being IJCAI, International Joint Conference on AI) and is a prestigious and highly competitive forum.

The work is a contribution to unsupervised WSD. It suggests constructing dependency graph, imposing a Markov Random Field on the structure and then finding the winner senses.

2014-09-04 : Debadatta Mishra awarded 2014-2015 IBM Ph.D. Fellowship
Details: http://www.research.ibm.com/university/phdfellowship/index.shtml

2014-07-15 : Under Graduate Freshmen Student Hostel Allocation
Please visit this link to check the hostel room allocated.

2014-07-15 : Post Graduate Freshmen Hostel Allocation Scheme
Hostel allocation for PG freshmen students : Allocation List.

2014-06-06 : IIT-B Team secures first place in AngelHack Mumbai Spring 2014 Hackathon
A team of M.Tech-1 students: Aman Madaan, Ashish Mittal, Harshit Pande, Karan Punamiya, and Nilang Shah - has secured first place in AngelHack Mumbai Spring 2014 Hackathon, organized by AngelHack and ZoneStartups India at BSE.

2014-05-24 : NLP@IITB will lend their expertise to language technology development in Bhutan
The Natural Language Processing group at IIT Bombay working in CFILT, CSE Dept. will lend their expertise to the Bhutan Govt. for developing NLP tools and resources for Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan. The language belongs to to the Sino-Tibetan family and is rich with language phenomena.

2014-05-12 : Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharya gets 3 papers approved for leading conferences
Title: "Measuring Sentiment Annotation Complexity of Text", Aditya Joshi, Abhijit Mishra, Nivvedan Senthamilselvan and Pushpak Bhattacharyya, ACL 2014, Baltimore, USA, 23-25 June, 2014

Title: "Shata-Anuvadak: Tackling Multiway Translation of Indian Languages", Anoop Kunchukuttan, Abhijit Mishra, Rajen Chatterjee, Ritesh Shah and Pushpak Bhattacharyya, LREC 2014, Rekjyavik, Iceland, 26-31 May, 2014

Title: "When Transliteration Met Crowdsourcing : An Empirical Study of Transliteration via Crowdsourcing using Efficient, Non-redundant and Fair Quality Control", Mitesh M. Khapra, Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan, Anoop Kunchukuttan, Karthik Visweswariah and Pushpak Bhattacharyya, LREC 2014, Rekjyavik, Iceland, 26-31 May, 2014

2014-02-27 : Research Scholars' Poster Mela on Feb 28-Mar 1, 2014
The RS poster mela will showcase research work being done by research scholars of the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay through poster sessions. In addition, there will be invited talks by eminent Computer Science researchers from India and a panel discussion.

For more information and for the latest updates, please visit Poster Mela web page

2014-02-24 : Nutan Limaye gets two papers in STOC 2014.
Title: Lower bounds for depth 4 formulas computing iterated matrix multiplication Authors: Herve Fournier, Nutan Limaye, Guillaume Malod, Srikanth Srinivasan

Title: An Exponential Lower Bound for Homogeneous Depth Four Arithmetic Formulas Authors: Neeraj Kayal, Nutan Limaye, Chandan Saha, Srikanth Srinivasan

2014-01-16 : Success in ACM ICPC
Balajiganapathi S (MTech 1), Piyush Kumar (BTech 4) and Gautam Sumu (BTech 4); Coach: Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharya) secured 2nd place in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) 2014 Amritapuri regionals, and thus qualified for the World Finals to be held at Yekaterinburg, Russia in June 2014.

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