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CS 721: Introduction to Computational Complexity

A quick overview of computability The Church-Turing thesis, decidability, reducibility, The recursion theorem, self-reference, decidability of logical theories
Time and space complexity Measuring complexity, the classes P, NP, the P versus NP question, NP-completeness, The Cook-Levin Theorem Savitch’s Theorem, separation results, Immerman-Szelepcsenyi Theorem, PSPACE completeness, Logspace computability, the classes L, NL Alternation, alternating complexity classes The polynomial time hierarchy (c) Intractability Hierarchy theorems, exponential space completeness, relativization, circuit complexity (d) Parallel Complexity, Probabilistic Complexity, Interactive Proofs NC and its relation to time-space classes Probabilistic Turing Machines, the class BPP Examples of interactive proof systems, IP=PSPACE (e) Probabilistically Checkable Proofs PCP and the hardness of approximation (f) The Arithmetic Hierarchy, Post’s problem Complete problems in the arithmetic hierarchy, The Friedburg-Muchnik Theorem

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Dexter Kozen. Theory of Computation, Springer, 2006.
Sanjeev Arora and Boaz Barak. Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach, Cambridge University Press, March 2009.
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Good undergraduate background in Theory of Computation (CS331) (or Automata and Logic (CS 208)), Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CS 301) (or New design and analysis of Algorithms (CS218)) or equivalent.
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Duration : Full Semester Total Credit : 6
Type : Theory
Autumn Semester 2019-20

Status : Offered Instructor : Prof. Nutan Limaye
Spring Semester 2019-20

Status : Not Offered Instructor : ---

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