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CS 744: Design and Engineering of Computing Systems

CPU scheduling, process management and inter-process communication, memory management, thread-safe programming, synchronization and concurrency control, synchronous and asynchronous I/O access mechanisms, design and implementation of scalable distributed systems, metrics for evaluation, tools and techniques for measurement, profiling and analysis of systems. These concepts will be taught through a series of exercises and assignments involving the design, implementation and evaluation of applications such web server, file server, game engine etc.

Operating System Principles: Silberschatz, Gavin and Gagne, Publisher: Wiley, 8th Edition, 2008
Linux System Programming: Talking Directly to the Kernel and C Library, Robert Love, O'Reilly Media; Second Edition, (2013)
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, W. Richard Stevens, Stephen. A. Rago, Addison-Wesley Professional; 3rd edition (2013)
Distributed Systems (Concepts and Design): Colouris et. al., Addison Wesley; 5 edition (2011)
The Art of UNIX Programming, Eric. S. Raymond, The Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series, (2003)
Operating Systems--A Concept Based Approach, D. M. Dhamdhere, Tata McGraw-Hill, Third Edition, 2012
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Undergraduate level familiarity with Data Structures and Programming, Computer Networks and Operating Systems
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Duration : Full Semester Total Credit : 0
Type : Theory
Autumn Semester 2019-20

Status : Offered Instructor : Prof. Umesh Bellur
Spring Semester 2019-20

Status : Not Offered Instructor : ---

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