Comprehensive List of Courses Offered by CSE Department
Total 292 courses offered by department.

Course Code Course Name
CS 101 Computer Programming and Utilization
CS 152 Abstractions and Paradigms for Programming
CS 154 Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming Lab.
CS 202 Programming
CS 203 Discrete Structures
CS 204 Switching Theory and Logic Design
CS 205 Programming
CS 206 Formal Methods in CS
CS 207 Discrete Structures
CS 207 M Discrete Structures
CS 208 Automata Theory and Logic
CS 210 Logic Design
CS 211 Software Lab two
CS 212 Electronics Design I
CS 213 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 213 M Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 214 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 215 Data Analysis and Interpretation
CS 216 Numerical Computation
CS 218 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 218 M Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 224 Computer Networks
CS 224 M Computer Networks
CS 226 Digital Logic Design
CS 228 Logic For CS
CS 228 M Logic For CS
CS 251 Software Systems (8 credits)
CS 252 Computer Networks Lab.
CS 254 Digital Logic Design Lab
CS 288 Logic Design Lab
CS 290 Logic Design Lab
CS 292 Electronics Design Lab I
CS 293 Data Structures Lab
CS 294 Programming Lab I
CS 295 Computer Lab
CS 301 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 302 Implementation of Programming Languages
CS 303 Digital Signal Processing
CS 304 Probability and Random Signal Theory
CS 305 Computer Architecture
CS 307 Digital Signal Processing
CS 308 Embedded Systems Lab
CS 309 Introduction to Embedded Systems
CS 310 Automata Theory
CS 311 Electronics Design II
CS 312 Introduction to Theory of Computation
CS 313 Business Information Systems
CS 314 Business Information Systems
CS 315 Numerical Computation
CS 316 Implementation of Programming Languages Lab
CS 317 Database and Information Systems
CS 319 Theory of Computation
CS 321 Programming Laboratory II
CS 322 Database Management System
CS 323 Computer Organization and Design
CS 324 Language Processors
CS 326 Operations Research
CS 327 Introduction to Systems Programming
CS 328 Programming Languages
CS 329 Principles of Programming Languages
CS 331 Theory of Computation
CS 332 Microprocessor Based Systems
CS 333 Operating Systems Lab
CS 334 Introduction to Programming Languages
CS 335 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab
CS 336 Computer Aided Geometric Design
CS 337 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
CS 340 Microprosessor Lab
CS 341 Computer Architecture Lab.
CS 344 Artificial Intelligence
CS 346 Software Engineering
CS 347 Operating Systems
CS 347 M Operating Systems
CS 348 M Computer Networks
CS 350 Linear Optimisation
CS 352 Machine Learning
CS 386 Artificial Intelligence Lab
CS 387 Database and Information Systems Lab
CS 388 Practical Training
CS 389 Programming Languages Lab.
CS 390 Microprocessors and Interfaces Lab
CS 391 Electronics Design Lab II
CS 392 Database Management Systems Lab
CS 393 Business Information Systems Lab
CS 394 Language Processors Lab
CS 396 Seminar
CS 397 Works Visits
CS 398 Business Information Systems Lab
CS 399 Digital Signal Processing Lab
CS 401 Kernel programming
CS 404 Quantum Computing
CS 406 Cryptography and Network Security - I
CS 407 Digital Signal Processing
CS 408 Graph Theory
CS 408 M Graph Theory
CS 411 D.S.P. Laboratory
CS 412 Introduction to Program Analysis
CS 413 Compilers
CS 414 Introduction to Wireless Networks
CS 415 Numerical Computation
CS 416 Foundations of Network Security and Cryptography
CS 416 M Foundations of Network Security and Cryptography
CS 418 Applications of Digital Signal Processing
CS 419 M Introduction to Machine Learning
CS 420 Program Derivation
CS 421 Parallel Programming Paradigms
CS 422 System Specification & Implementation
CS 424 Convex Optimization
CS 431 Intro.Computer Systems
CS 432 Introduction to Computer System
CS 433 Automated reasoning
CS 435 Linear Optimization
CS 440 O.S. Lab
CS 441 Database Management Systems
CS 442 Operating System Principles
CS 443 Artificial Intelligence
CS 444 Database Management Systems
CS 445 Management Information Systems
CS 446 Computational Learning Theory
CS 447 Operating System
CS 449 Topics in Artificial Intelligence Programming
CS 450 Compiler Construction
CS 451 Distributed Systems
CS 453 Selected Case Studies of Computer Systems: Advanced Program Derivation
CS 455 Introduction to Computer Networks
CS 456 Computer Networks
CS 459 Data Mining
CS 460 Natural Language Processing
CS 461 Digital Computer Design Fundamentals & Microproces
CS 462 Analytical Models of Computing Systems
CS 463 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 466 Functional and Logic Programming
CS 467 Functional and Logic Programming
CS 468 Computational Models in Pattern Recognition & Lear
CS 470 Modelling and Simulation
CS 472 Introduction to VLSI Design Automation
CS 474 Cognitive Psychology
CS 475 Computer Graphics
CS 476 Reliable Computing Basic Concepts
CS 482 Selected Case Studies of Computer Systems
CS 483 Modelling and Simulation
CS 484 Cognitive Psychology
CS 485 R & D Project II (B. Tech.)
CS 486 Reliable Computing Basic Concepts
CS 487 Mini Project I
CS 488 Modelling and Simulation
CS 490 R & D Project I (B. Tech.)
CS 493 Artificial Intelligence Lab
CS 494 B.Tech. Project (20 credits includes CS 493 also)
CS 495 Operating Systems Lab
CS 497 B.Tech. Project (grade points will be included in
CS 498 B.Tech.Project Stage II
CS 499 Project Stage I
CS 591 Project Stage II
CS 592 Project Stage III
CS 601 Algorithms and Complexity
CS 602 Applied Algorithms
CS 603 Geometric Algorithms
CS 604 Combinatorics
CS 605 Probability and Statistics For Computer Science
CS 606 Foundations of Parallel Computation
CS 608 Approximation Algorithms
CS 611 Formal Language and Models for Natural Computing
CS 612 Object Oriented Techniques
CS 613 Design & Implementation of Functional Programming
CS 614 Advanced Compilers
CS 615 Formal Specification and Verification of Programs
CS 616 Parallelizing Compilers
CS 617 Object Oriented Systems
CS 618 Program Analysis
CS 620 New Trends in Information Technology
CS 621 Artificial Intelligence
CS 623 Introduction to Computing with Neural Nets
CS 625 Machine Learning : Theory and Methods
CS 626 Speech, Natural Language Processing and the Web (Previous name: Language Technology for the Web)
CS 627 Graphical Models and Structured Learning
CS 628 Introduction to Asynchronous Systems
CS 630 Approximation Algorithms
CS 631 Implementation Techniques for Relational Database Systems
CS 632 Advanced Database Management Systems
CS 633 Database Modelling and Design
CS 634 Information System
CS 635 Information Retrieval & Mining for Hypertext & the Web
CS 636 Data Mining
CS 641 Computer Networks
CS 642 Communication Networking
CS 643 Distributed Operating Systems
CS 644 Design and Analysis of Computer Networks
CS 645 Advanced Data Networks
CS 646 Optical and Access networks
CS 648 Selected Topics in Network Algorithms
CS 649 Cryptography and Network Security - I
CS 650 Distributed Algorithms
CS 652 Distributed Operating Systems
CS 653 Mobile Computing
CS 654 Current Topics in VLSI and System Design
CS 656 Electronic Commerce
CS 660 Mutimedia Systems
CS 662 Computer Vision
CS 663 Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
CS 664 Pattern Recognition
CS 669 Information Technology Service Management
CS 670 Information Technology Project Management
CS 671 ICT for Socio-Economic Development
CS 675 Computer Graphics
CS 677 Introduction to Computing with Neural Nets.
CS 679 Geometric algorithms
CS 680 Quality of Service in Networks
CS 681 Performance Analysis of Computer Systems and Networks
CS 682 Software Engineering (Only For CSE M. Tech)
CS 683 Advanced Computer Architecture
CS 684 Embedded Systems
CS 685 Distributed Operating Systems
CS 686 Object Oriented Systems
CS 687 Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
CS 688 Self-tuning systems
CS 689 Machines Learning: Theory and Methods
CS 690 New Trends in IT.
CS 691 R & D Project I
CS 692 R & D Project II
CS 694 Seminar (for M. Tech.)
CS 695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing
CS 697 II Stage Project
CS 699 Software Lab.
CS 700 Advanced Lab
CS 701 Software - Practice and Experience Laboratory
CS 702 Introduction to Asynchronous Systems
CS 703 Performance Analysis of Computer Systems and Netwo
CS 704 Information Retrieval and Mining for Hypertext and
CS 705 Statistical Foundations of Machine Learning
CS 706 Networks Lab
CS 707 Distributed Event Based Systems
CS 708 Human Computer Interaction
CS 709 Convex Optimization
CS 710 Topics in Computational Linear Algebra and Group Theory
CS 711 Topics in Computational Ring Theory and Algebras
CS 712 Topics in Natural Language Processing
CS 713 Selected Topics in Automata and Logics
CS 715 Design and Implementation of Gnu Compiler Generation Framework
CS 716 Introduction to Communication Networks
CS 717 Statistical Relational Learning
CS 718 Software Architecture
CS 719 Topics in Mathematical Foundations of Formal Verification
CS 720 Spatial Databases (only 15 students)
CS 721 Introduction to Computational Complexity
CS 723 Introduction to Probability and Linear Algebra
CS 724 Network Security and Cryptography - II
CS 725 Foundations of machine learning
CS 726 Advanced machine learning
CS 728 Organization of Web information
CS 729 Topics in machine learning
CS 730 natural language processing
CS 732 Fundamental Algorithms in Computational Biology
CS 733 Advanced Distributed Computing – Engineering a Cloud
CS 734 Hardware Software CoDesign of Embedded Systems
CS 735 Formal models for Concurrent and Asynchronous Systems
CS 736 Medical Image Computing
CS 738 Concepts, Algorithms and Tools for Model-Checking
CS 739 Modeling and Analysis of Timed and Hybrid Systems
CS 740 Mathematics for Visual Computing
CS 741 Advanced Network Security and Cryptography
CS 742 Foundations of Network Security and Cryptography
CS 743 Wireless Networks
CS 744 Design and Engineering of Computing Systems
CS 745 Principles of Data and System Security
CS 746 Kernel Programming
CS 747 Foundations of Intelligent and Learning Agents
CS 748 Advances in Intelligent and Learning Agents
CS 749 Digital Geometry Processing
CS 750 Linear Optimization
CS 751 Principles of Concurrent and Parallel Programming
CS 752 System Dynamics: Modeling & Simulation for Development
CS 753 Automatic Speech Recognintion
CS 754 Advanced Image Processing
CS 755 Competitive programming
CS 756 Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization
CS 757 Design and Re-engineering of Object Oriented Programs
CS 758 Advanced Tools from Modern cryptography
CS 759 Perfect Matchings: Algorithms and Complexity
CS 760 Topics in Computational Complexity.
CS 761 Derandomization and Pseudorandomness
CS 762 Advanced Blockchain Technology
CS 763 Computer Vision
CS 764 Computer Vision Lab
CS 765 Introduction of Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts
CS 766 Analysis of Concurrent Programs
CS 775 Advanced Computer Graphics
CS 776 Principles of Mathematical Modeling
CS 792 Communication Skills
CS 797 I Stage Project (M. Tech.)
CS 798 II Stage Project (M. Tech.)
CS 801 Seminar (For Ph.D)


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