Projects And Resources
  • Mumbai Navigator
    Mumbai Navigator plans travel within the city of Mumbai using BEST buses and local trains, and also gives information relating to bus routes.

  • GCC Resource Center
    GCC Resource Center contains useful information for people interested in studying GCC Internals or trying to port GCC to a new target.

  • Hindi WordNet (हिन्दी शब्दतंत्र)
    Hindi WordNet is a repository of words grouped into semantically equivalent units. It is more than a Hindi dictionary, it gives relations between synsets representing unique concepts. Current release of Hindi Wordnet consists of 56,928 unique words and 26,208 synsets.

  • Ekalavya
    The Ekalavya portal is an attempt to generate an interactive platform for the creation, absorption, dissemination and usage of knowledge for the well being of the individual and the society. It is a significant step forward to bring together students, teachers, and working professionals to meaningfully enhance the productivity of the group and spread knowledge.

    The main goal of Project OSCAR (Open Source Courseware Animations Repository) is to create a repository of web-based, interactive animations for teaching various concepts and technologies. Currently, the OSCAR project is developing animations for Classes VII, IX and X.

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