Ph.D. Admissions

The CSE department invites applications from students with a "research" bent of mind, to apply for admission to the Ph.D. programme. Applicants must have a creative drive, the willingness to work on challenging technical problems for a sustained duration, and the academic preparation in basic subjects of Computer Science.

Admission to the Ph.D. programme can be gained in various different categories (Full-Time, Part-Time, etc.). Please familiarize yourself with the categories and the admission requirements for each category by reading the official Ph.D. Information Brochure here.

In addition to Institute requirements as stated in the official brochure, the CSE department has its own admission requirements.

CSE department admission procedure

  1. The CSE department's recommendation will be based on the performance of the candidate in the following:
    1. Basic written/online test.
    2. Interview, which itself is conducted in two stages:
      • Advanced written exam.
      • Verbal Interview.
  2. The syllabus for the Basic test and the Advanced exam is as follows:
    • Mathematical Aptitude: Discrete structures (sets, graphs, elementary counting and probability), elementary calculus, linear algebra, geometry.
    • Programming Aptitude: Ability to write programs to solve simple problems. Use of elementary data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees. Familiarity with recursion. Ability to reason about programs, e.g., writing loop invariants and assertions.
    • Computer Science and Engineering: Undergraduate Computer Science curriculum. One question each will be asked in each of the following areas and a candidate is expected to answer five: Algorithm Design and Analysis, Theory of Computation, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Compiler Construction.
  3. The Basic written/online test will consist of simple fill-in-the-blank type questions. The test will have around 40 blanks to be answered in 2hrs. All questions are compulsory.
  4. The Advanced written exam will consist of around 15-20 design-based/analytical questions on the following fundamental topics (selected from the syllabus given above): probability, linear algebra, automata, context-free and regular languages, parsing (including compilers), logic (includes databases and discrete maths), programming + data structures (includes abstractions and loop invariance), algorithms (specific flavours included like dynamic prog.), systems fundamentals (including networks, distributed systems and operating systems). The candidate is expected to have come prepared in one or two of these fundamental topics and hence is expected to be able to answer overall 2-3 questions.
  5. In the verbal interview, a panel of faculty members will access the candidate specifics like academic/career record, project work, publications etc.
  6. All candidates called for written test and interview are required to take the basic written test and the advanced written test on Dec 1, 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview on Dec 2, 2016.

    The dates of the written tests and interview are final and cannot be changed under any circumstance.

  7. Two new categories called TAP (Teaching Assistantship through Project) and PA (Project research Assistantship) have been recently added. Under these categories candidates are selected to work on specific sponsored research projects, their funding comes from the project, and their Ph.D. problem is expected to be closely related to the project. A tentative list of projects for these categories can be found here. Further questions will be answered after the presentations on the available projects and positions on the day of the admission test.
    Please note that the admission process for these categories remains similar and the candidates have to qualify the same written test. The only difference is that the candidates will be required to give their choice of projects on the day of the admission test and will be interviewed for their suitability for the project as also for admission to Ph.D.
  8. The admitted students will have to undergo a "process of qualifier" to be confirmed in the Ph.D. program. The details of the qualifier can be found here.

Last Modified Date: 10-Nov-2016


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