History of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The first computing activity in IIT Bombay started with the arrival of the Minsk II computer in 1967, which had 2nd generation discrete transistor based circuitry, paper tape input-output, and off-line printers. Prof. J.R. Isaac spearheaded the initial efforts in setting up the Computer Center assisted by five faculty members.

The center was initially allocated space in the same premises as that of the Department of Mathematics. Immediately thereafter, the Centre started offering elective courses in Computers as a part of the UG and PG programmes in Electrical Engineering. In 1973 the center started offering academic programmes in the form of an inter-disciplinary M.Tech. programme and a DIIT (Post Graduate Diploma of IIT) in Computer Science.

In 1974, EC-1030, a Soviet-make computer with 3rd generation LSI circuitry (equivalent to IBM 360) was acquired. The same year two more faculty members joined the centre. During the period 1975 to 1980, the center undertook several indigenous efforts to enhance both the software and hardware resources of this machine. The center supported the entire computing needs of the academic community of IIT Bombay. By 1977 the number of faculty members rose to 11.

In 1980, the first batch of B.Tech. students joined from their third year. The first independent batch of 25 students joined the 5 year B.Tech. program also in 1980. The Four-year B.Tech. programme came into effect from 1981. In 1982, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was formed. The number of faculty members rose to 22 and at that point in time it was the largest CSE department in the country. In 1984, a separate Computer Centre was established and a Cyber system arrived in IIT. The department procured its own computing resources to meet its academic and research needs.

In 1988, the department started an advanced level M.Tech. programme and the first batch of GATE (CS) students were admitted that year. The existing inter-disciplinary M.Tech. and the new M. Tech. program were both run concurrently by the department for some time. The inter-disciplinary M.Tech. was discontinued in 1992. A Dual Degree Program began in 2000, with the first batch to graduate in 2005. The first three years are common with B. Tech. this program calls for a project lasting 18 months.

In November 2006, the CSE Department and Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology merged to form a single Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

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