Sponsored Projects
Ongoing Projects 63
New Projects 20
Completed Projects 13
Faculty involved 26
Outlay of new projects Rs.4,46,99,288/- approximately

Sponsored Projects
  • New Projects

    1. Formal verification of Akash onboard process., Defence Research & Development Organisation.
    2. Training workshop on modelling geospatial data for sharing and inter-operability., Department of Science & Technology.
    3. Research Support for INAE Young Engineer Awardees, Indian National Academy of Engineering.
    4. Cross Lingual Information Access (CLIA) System, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.
    5. Development of Indian Language to Indian Language Machine Translation System (IL-IL MT) : Consortium Leader : IIIT Hyderabad., Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.
    6. English to Indian Languages Machine Translation (E-IL-MT) - Consortium Leader - CDAC , PUNE., Ministry of Communications & Information. Technology.
    7. Book on “Data Flow Analysis : Theory and Practice”, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC., USA.
    8. Entity and Relation Types in Web Search: Annotation, Indexing and Scoring Techniques Award Number: 15196., Microsoft Corporation.
    9. Integrating Entities, Types and Relations into Search: Annotation, Indexing and Scoring Techniques., International Business Machines Corporation.
    10. IBM Faculty Award for Research Work in the area of Autonomic Computing., International Business Machines Corporation, USA
    11. Crop disease forecasting services ane expert crop advisory to farmers over information kiosk networks. PAN ASIA ICT, (Asian Media for Information & Communication Center, Singapore).
    12. Enterprise Middleware for Intermittent networks., Motorola, U.S.A.
    13. IBM Faculty Award of Prof. S. Sudarshan, IBM Corporate Technology, Ny.
    14. Architectural Information Extraction From Object Oriented Sources in R/O. Shri. Shakeb Sagher, B.TECH. Student., IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Pune. PH.D Proj. of Dharamendra Yadav "CCS & Its Application. Modelling"
    15. PH.D Proj. of Dharamendra Yadav "CCS & Its Application. Modelling" IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
    16. Metamodelling & Architecure, IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
    17. Formal Verification of Software Systems, MICROSOFT INDIA (R&D) PVT.LTD., Hyderabad.
    18. Formal Verification of Large State Transition Systems, General Motors India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
    19. E-Outreach, Technology Info. Forecasting & Assesment Council.
    20. TCS-IIT BOMBAY. Laboratory for Intelligent Systems., Tata Research Development & Design Centre, Pune.

  • Ongoing projects

    1. Development of real time tracing of multiple laser incident on a screen. DRDO.
    2. Real time image processing to offset the need for sensors., DRDO.
    3. Financial Assistance for “Procurement of software packages for activities relating to implementation of Interoperable/Open GIS Standards under NRDMS/N., DST.
    4. Analysis and Design of Wireless, Mobile and Multiservice Communication Networks., MHRD.
    5. Performance Charactrization Of Seda-Based Servers (M/S.Amazon Development Center (India) Pvt.Ltd)., by Private Organisations.
    6. Agro Explorer, Private Organisations.
    7. Special Manpower Development Programme for VLSI Design and related Software (SMDP-II), Department of Electronics.
    8. Building Check-Dams for Drinking Water: A Teaching and Research Initiative., Donation.
    9. Open Source Software (M/S.IBM Global Services India Pvt.Ltd.,B'LORE) by Private Organisations.
    10. Improving GCC Ports of ABACUS and ANUPAMA., DRDO.
    11. Automated Knowledge Level Software Engineering., DST.
    12. Financial Assistance For Research Project Entitled "Ontology Based Framework For Integration Of Geographic Information".DST.
    13. Association For Computing Machinery -International Collegiate Programming Contest -IBM Canada Ltd., IBM Canada Ltd.
    14. A Methodology and Tool to Determine Application Topology and Component Resource Needs of Distributed Enterprise Applications-Intel Corporation., Intel Corporation.
    15. Fine-grained symmetric multiprocessor architecture for TCP/IP stack on the UNM platform (M/s.UNM Systems(India) Pvt. Ltd..by Private Organisations.
    16. Framework for National Entrepreneurs Support Programme for IT at Premier Institutes, 03IT005, Ministry of Information Technology & Communication.
    17. Development Gateway Foundation ICT Research and Training Centre, India, 03SP003., by Private Organisations.
    18. Time category in Computer Science and Engineering Sept., 03DT004, Donation.
    19. Low Power Analysis & Implementation in an ASIC (M/s.Conexant Systems India Pvt.Ltd.), 03SP012, by Private Organisations.
    20. IDRBT/Multiapplication Smart Cards, Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology.
    21. M.Tech. proj.”Re-engg. Of procedural code to object oriented code under Prof.R.K.Joshi sponsored by Tata Infotech.
    22. M.Tech proj.”Bio-informatics” under Proj.G.Nagaraja sponsored by Tata Infotech.
    23. Partial redundancy elimination, Indo-US Collaboration.
    24. "Parallel Extentions to C for UMS architecture-I & II, Sponsored M.Tech Project.
    25. A Service-Oriented Architecture for Anonymous Remote Computing (ARC) on Internet, Indo-US Collaboration.
    26. M.Tech Sponsored Project, Tata Consultancy Services.
    27. Centre for formal Design and Verification of software, BRNS.
    28. Low cost engine management systems for petrol powered small vehicles., Technology Info. Forecasting & Assesment Council.
    29. Network security lab (m/s.nevis neworks india pvt. Ltd., pune. by Private Organisations.
    30. Developmental informatics..by Private Organisations.
    31. Multimodal Participatory Content Repository for the Education of Rural Children, by Private Organisations.
    32. Ibm faculty awards-ibm global services india pvt.ltd., by Private Organisations.
    33. Financial Assistance for research project entitled “Enabling Web-based workflow over object oriented GIS Models for NRDMS”.Department of Science & Technology.
    34. Open source software (M/S.IBMglobal services india pvt.ltd.,b'lore) by Private Organisations.
    35. Ekalavya project, by Private Organisations.
    36. Agro explorer, by Private Organisations.
    37. Interfaces for all, by Private Organisations.
    38. Polysensors, by Private Organisations.
    39. Enhancing Integrated Logistics Management System (ILMS) And Porting On To Linux/Open Source Platforms Conforming To J2EE Architecture Aeronautical Development Agency.
    40. PAN ASIA, Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore.
    41. A Methodology and Tool to Determine Application Topology and Component Resource Needs of Distributed Enterprise Applications-Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation.
    42. Exchange of Ideas on Data Mining and Data Cleaning Projects-Microsoft Resaerch, Microsoft Research.
    43. Methodology and Milldeware for Application I ntegration (M/s.Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd.), by Private Organisations.
    44. Life Skills Training for the Children of Denotified Nomadic Tribes in Maharashtra using ICT., by Private Organisations.
    45. Open Source Innovation Centre- INTEL,by Private Organisations.
    46. Development Gateway Foundation ICT Research and Training Centre, India, by Private Organisations.
    47. Microsoft Research-2003, Indo-US Collaboration

  • Consultancy Projects

    No. of Jobs = 22
    No.of faculty involved = 08
    Income generated = Rs.1,22,35,093/-

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