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Vision, Graphics and HCI Research at MERL
Ramesh Raskar, MERL
Date & Time: April 12, 2004 16:30
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
As computing has moved off the desktop, research in interaction, computer graphics, computer vision and usability has become more interdisciplinary and requires teams of very diverse composition. I will illustrate this point with a brief description of selected projects at MERL. They include algorithms for smart elevators, quantifying presence and flow of people, multi-user touch screens, LED based communication and chemical sensing. I will also describe my group's work in locale-aware mobile projectors, composite RFIDs, image fusion and multi-flash depth-edge detecting camera- or interaction, display and augmentation. (The projects above represent the research efforts of many members of the MERL staff. For appropriate credits, please visit the MERL web site, http://www.merl.com ).
Speaker Profile:
Ramesh Raskar joined MERL as a Research Scientist in 2000 after his doctoral research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he developed a framework for projector based displays. Dr. Raskar's work spans a range of topics in computer vision and graphics including projective geometry, non-photorealistic rendering and intelligent user interfaces. He has developed algorithms for image projection on planar, non-planar and quadric curved surfaces that simplify constraints on conventional displays and has proposed Shader Lamps, a new approach for projector-based augmented reality. Current projects include composite RFID, multi-flash non-photorealistic camera for depth edge detection, locale-aware mobile projectors, high dynamic range video, image fusion for context enhancement and quadric transfer methods for multi-projector curved screen displays. Dr. Raskar received the Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology R&D Award in June 2003. Recently, he was named a winner of the Global Indus Technovator Award, instituted at MIT to recognize the top 20 Indian technology innovators on the globe. His papers have appeared in SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, IEEE Visualization, CVPR and many other graphics and vision conferences. He has taught courses and has served as a member of international program committees at major conferences. He is a member of the ACM and IEEE.
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