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Motion Analysis and Event Capture using Mobile Omni Camera
Tarak Gandhi, Computer Vision and Robotics Research lab in the U
Date & Time: May 12, 2004 15:00
Venue: Seminar Hall
A mobile platform mounted with Omni camera can be used to monitor large areas and detect interesting events such as independently moving persons and vehicles. To avoid false alarms due to extraneous features, the image motion induced by the moving platform should be compensated. Here, we describe a formulation of parametric ego-motion compensation for an omni camera. Omni images give 360 degrees view of surroundings but undergo considerable image distortion. To account for these distortions, the parametric planar motion model is integrated with the transformations into omni image space. Prior knowledge of approximate camera calibration and vehicle speed are integrated with the estimation process using Bayesian approach. Iterative, coarse to fine, gradient based estimation is used to correct the motion parameters for vibrations and other inaccuracies in prior knowledge. Experiments with camera mounted on a mobile platform demonstrate successful detection of moving persons and vehicles.
Speaker Profile:
Tarak Gandhi received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. He obtained M.S. and Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Computer Vision. He worked at Adept Technology, Inc. on designing algorithms for robotic systems. Currently, he is Post Doctoral Scholar at the Computer Vision and Robotics Research laboratory in the University of California at San Diego. Tarak Gandhi's interests include computer vision, motion analysis, image processing, robotics, target detection, and pattern recognition. He is working on projects involving motion based event detection, intelligent driver assistance, traffic flow analysis, structural health monitoring of bridges.
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