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Challenges and Applications of Image and Video Processing
Serene Banerjee CAD Engineer Intel Inc., Hillsboro, Intel Inc., Hillsboro, USA
Date & Time: January 12, 2005 15:00
Venue: Room no. SIC 301/302,C. Block, 3rd Floor, KReSIT
Images have been the most primitive and intuitively the most effective form of expression in human civilization. Even when human civilization was in its infancy, during the upper Paleolithic age (40,000 - 10,000 BC), the medium of communication and documentation were found to be images on caves, as is evident from the paintings of Altamira caves which date back to nearly 11,000 BC. Modern day civilization has also conceived the importance of pictures to communicate more effectively, preserve memories and communicate in the absence of someone. However, the main challenge was to devise a portable technology for capturing, communicating and displaying images. My research so far has concentrated on overcoming the above challenge. This talk will discuss ways to (1) improve image acquisition in digital still cameras, (2) compress and transmit image and video signals in an efficient way, and (3) discuss ways to improve image and video processing software on memory/resource limited digital signal processors. This talk will also show avenues of research that could be enabled by image processing, such as, (a) guided medical surgery and telemedicine, (b) guided electronic circuit design, and (c) security and aerial photography applications.
Speaker Profile:
Serene Banerjee graduated in 2004 with Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, under Prof. Brian L. Evans. She finished her M.S in 2001 from the same University and B. Tech (H) in 1999 in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. She is currently a full-time engineer in the Lithography Modeling Group in the Technology CAD division at Intel, Inc. From 1999 through 2004 she was employed as a teaching and graduate research assistant under Prof. Brian L. Evans, where she developed real-time video compression techniques, and smart image acquisition software. In summers of 1998, 2001, 2002, and 2004, she was employed at Hughes Software Systems, India; Nokia R&D Center, Irving, TX; Ricoh Research Center, Menlo Park, CA; and Sozotek Wireless Inc., Austin, TX, respectively. She has developed algorithms for fast image and video compression, transmission of JPEG 2000 compressed images, and image enhancement software.
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