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Title: Effects and Coeffects
Prof. Alan Mycroft, Cambridge University
Date & Time: January 30, 2017 15:00
Venue: Conference Room, C Block, 01st Floor, Dept. of CSE, Kanwal Rekhi (KReSIT) Bldg.
Classic type systems essentially give types to procedures by giving the types of their parameters and their results. However, procedures can also have (side-) effects. These can be captured as part of the type of a procedure -- giving an "effect system". More recently we showed how a dual notion of `coeffects' can similarly express contextual or execution-environmental requirements for a procedure. Examples include security levels, linearity constraints, and access to hardware resources. These dual notions have associated dual semantic models as monads and comonads; these models give rise to program structuring mechanisms.
Speaker Profile:
Alan Mycroft is Professor of Computing in the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University; he is also a Fellow at Robinson College and a co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation for which he was also a Trustee 2008-2015. His research interests span an arc from semantic models of programming languages to actually building optimising compilers. A core interest is that of static analysis of programs to extract properties of their run-time behaviour. Such properties can be used to enable optimisations or to facilitate ``compile-time debugging''.
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