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Executable Specifications: From Foundations to Microsoft Tools
Yuri Gurevich, Microsoft Research
Date & Time: January 17, 2005 15:30
Venue: F.C.Kohli Auditorium, KRESIT
Some people think that executable specification is a contradiction in terms. We think that executable specifications are changing the way software is designed, developed, tested and documented. Contrary to say physics, computer science is primarily about artificial reality, namely computer systems. The behavioral computation theory tells us that an arbitrary computer system, at any chosen abstraction level, is faithfully represented by an abstract state machine (ASM). The specification language AsmL, developed by the Foundations of Software Engineering group, makes writing ASM models practical. Our tools allow the developers (more and more) to experiment with their design, validate it and enforce it. The tools allow testers to be involved earlier in the software development cycle and empower them to test the intended functionality of software (and not only its robustness).
Speaker Profile:
Yuri Gurevich is Sr. Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. He is also Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan, ACM Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, and Dr. Honoris Causa of Limburg University in Belgium.
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