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Title: Competing by Learning and Learning by Competing
Prof. Kavi Arya,
Date & Time: April 5, 2017 14:00
Venue: SIC 201 classroom, C Block, 02nd Floor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi (KReSIT) Building
The problem began with a failure to teach a practical subject such as Embedded System through the Distance Education Program at IIT-Bombay many years ago. We discerned the need for a "Lab in a box" for students on which we might set assignments thereby overcoming the lacunae in infrastructure faved by engineering students. The lack of an acceptable option in the market led to the development of an educational robot in our lab with which teaching embedded systems was very successful. When we tried to apply this approach to students in a robotics outreach program we found maximum success in a competition based scenario. We present a competition framework whereby we teach large numbers of students the principles of embedded systems in a scalable and sustainable manner. We have developed a project-based learning "vocabulary" which "teaches" embedded systems concepts in a game based scenario. We show how this vocabulary is used to motivate the teaching of a variety of topics. The outcome is the learning of practical skills and the ability amongst students to build physical systems to solve real problems. We illustrate this with  examples from our own lab.
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