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A Semantic Framework for Biographical Summarization
Prof. Inderjeet Mani, Georgetown University in Washington, DC
Date & Time: January 8, 2005 11:00
Venue: CSE Seminar Hall
Quite a few NLP people believe that to progress further on certain tasks, we need to push deeper in terms of semantic interpretation. Semantic interpretation of narrative discourse is applicable to tasks such as question answering and summarization. I have argued elsewhere that understanding narrative discourse, even 'simple' children's stories, includes being able to infer what happens when (chronology), tease apart the different threads (or story), and grasp the motives for actions (plot). In this talk, I focus on biographical summarization, which is aimed at constructing a summary of the key events in a personís life. I will suggest how elements in a chronology (called event factoids) can be useful in biographical summarization and its evaluation.
Speaker Profile:
Dr. Inderjeet Mani is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where he heads the program in Computational Linguistics. His research covers topics in tense and aspect, narrative discourse, summarization, information extraction, and ontologies. Prior to coming to Georgetown, he worked in the high-technology industry as a Senior Principal Scientist at the MITRE Corporation and as a researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratories at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) and Texas Instruments. He has published over fifty technical papers and three books: Advances in Automatic Summarization (co-edited, MIT Press, 1999), Automatic Summarization (John Benjamins, 2001) and The Language of Time: A Reader (co-edited, Oxford University Press, to appear). Web page: complingone.georgetown.edu/~linguist/GU-CLI.html
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