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Knight's Tour of a Chess Board
Mr. Pramod Phadke,
Date & Time: September 4, 2005 18:30
Venue: F. C. Kohli Auditorium (1st floor, KReSIT)
The problem is to move a chess knight over a standard chessboard (of 8 x 8 size) such that the knight visits every square (cell) of the board in a single series of moves. A cell is to be visited once and once only. The sequence of moves is called a knight’s tour of the chessboard. If the tour is such that the knight can come back to the starting square if the knight is given one more move, then the tour is called a closed tour or a re-entrant tour. Other tours, ending on any square are called open tours.

Using computer programming, the speaker has carried out some research into the problem. He has worked out 6,000 open solutions and almost 54 million closed solutions. The presentation will explain how this was done.

The presentation will also explain what is an original solution and what is a duplicate solution. Two methods have been evolved for detecting and eliminating duplicate solutions. The principles on which these comparison methods work will also be explained. Using these methods, first 9,73,410 solutions have been compared to yield 1,00,916 original solutions.
Speaker Profile:
Passed B Tech (1967) and M Tech (1969) in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay. After service with two companies, Dalal Consultants (1969-73) and Kirloskar Consultants (1973-77), started as a free lance consulting chemical engineer from December 1977.

Has written programs for solving a large number of mathematical puzzles, one of them is Knight’s tour of the chessboard. A book based on these programs is ready for printing and is going to be published some time this year (2005).
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