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Authentication & Encryption in CDMA Systems
Amit Balani, Head, India Carrier Support Group Head, India Carrier Support Group, LG Soft India, Mumbai
Date & Time: October 11, 2005 15:00
Venue: EE Conference Room
The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint the audience with an overview of the authentication and encryption mechanism on a CDMA network with respect to the network and the mobile handset.

It examines the role of the different CDMA encryption algorithms, such as Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption (CAVE), Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm (CMEA - for signaling), ORYX (for data) on the CDMA channel and Private Long Code Mask for Voice Encryption.

The audience is familiarized with the concepts of the mobile subscribers private Authentication Key (A-key) and the mobile handset Electronic Serial Number (ESN), which serve as inputs to the CAVE algorithm in both the mobile handset and the network (HLR/AC) for signature authentication and encryption/decryption of voice, data and signaling messages.

The presentation is useful for students to get an understanding of the issues and concerns which are being tackled today by most Service Providers and handset manufacturers on security and privacy.
Speaker Profile:
Amit Balani heads the CDMA India Carrier Support Group of LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd. (an R&D Group company of LG Electronics, South Korea). He is actively involved in delivering guest lectures and seminars on topics in wireless communication at reputed educational institutions in the country (including KReSIT at IIT Bombay). His has written regularly for leading telecom magazines such as Voice & Data, and several management journals in India.

Amit has a Bachelor's of Engineering in Electronics Engineering from Bombay University, and an M.S. (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He is a Fellow of the IETE, and an affiliate member of the IEEE.
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