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From Sentence Structure to "Immediate" Discourse Structure: Some Theoretical Issues and Annotation of Discourse Connectives and Their Arguments
Aravind K. Joshi, University of Pennsylvania
Date & Time: December 30, 2005 15:30
Venue: KreSIT Seminar Hall
The talk will first discuss some general issues concerning (1) transition from a sentence to "immediate" discourse, (2) extension of sentence level structure (dependency structure, for example) to immediate discourse, and (3) the role of discourse connectives as higher order predicates taking clauses as their arguments. After this an ongoing project will be described for annotating a corpus with discourse connectives (explicit and implicit), their arguments, their senses, and the attributions of the arguments, as well as the relations denoted by the connectives.
Speaker Profile:
Prof. Arvind K. Joshi has been engaged in research in the area of Artificial Intelligence with particular emphasis on Natural Language Processing/Computational Languistics for last about 40 years. He has made seminal contributions in the areas of natural language parsing, grammar formalisms, semantics and annotation. One of his high impact contributions is Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) which is mildly context sensitive and has been found to be useful for language processing.

In his illustrious career Prof. Joshi has received many accolades and distinctions. He was confered lifetime achievement awards of AAAI (American Association for Artificial Intelligence) and ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics), the prestigious David Rumelhart prize for cognitive science (2003) and Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Paris 7 (2002). He was the founding fellow of AAAI.

Prof. Joshi maintains close ties with India. He is in the advisory committees of various language processing initiatives in the academia (e.g. international conferences on NLP) and the industry (e.g., CDAC) of the country.
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