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Title: Applying Deep Learning to Medical Imaging Problems: A Practitioner’s Perspective
Dr. Jason Su, Whiterabbit.ai
Date & Time: January 22, 2018 10:30
Venue: Conference Room, 01st Floor, C Block, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kanwal Rekhi (KReSIT) Building
Deep learning and its applications promise to revolutionize many of the world’s industries. The opportunity is perhaps no more clear than in the field of medical imaging and radiology, where human expert image analysis and pattern recognition is ripe for replacement by learning algorithms. This talk will discuss past work at Stanford University applying deep learning to the problem of diagnosing diabetic retinopathy as well as a new Silicon Valley venture seeking to collaborate to bring the technology into the clinic for screening mammography. We will look at the challenges in medical imaging compared to those in object recognition and consider some strategies for tackling them.
Speaker Profile:
Jason Su got his PhD from Electrical Engineering, Stanford in 2015. His thesis was on "In-vivo imaging and automatic segmentation of the thalamus for the treatment of essential tremor". He is currently one of the founding members of a startup in the valley in the area of medical imaging.
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